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Infectious Disease

Scope: Employees and Students are covered by this policy.


Infectious Disease


In the event any public health organization (e.g. Butler County Department of Health, the Ohio Department of Health, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, or the Center for Disease Control) determines a public health emergency exists at Miami University or threatens members of its community or to the surrounding population (e.g. an outbreak of  an infectious disease that poses a threat to the health or safety of the University community), the president and/or the president’s designees, may take such actions as are appropriate to protect the health and safety of the University’s students and staff.  Subject to the limitations imposed by law, the provisions of this policy take precedence over any inconsistent provisions of University policy to the contrary.

Infectious diseases include:

  • Pandemic Influenza
  • Meningococcal meningitis
  • Tuberculosis (TB)
  • Measles
  • Mumps
  • Hepatitis A
  • Bioterrorism Event – using a communicable agent

Other less serious infectious diseases, such as seasonal influenza, and community acquired MRSA skin infections will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

In the Event of a Public Health Emergency

  1. The University will, to the extent applicable, implement the directives of the public health organization including but not limited to isolation and quarantine measures, treatment of patients and prophylactic treatment of contacts;
  2. the University will, in accordance with law, share information with the public health organization to assist in the tracking, investigation, treatment and containment associated with the public health emergency. On-campus medical providers will not discuss a student’s or staff member’s diagnosis with any other person without explicit authorization of the patient except as required by law;
  3. Where the public health agency recommends the exclusion from the classroom, workplace or extracurricular activities of persons who are infected with a communicable disease or who are at risk of infection, the University may implement those recommendations as though they were directives;
  4. Where the public health agency recommends vaccination of persons who are infected with a communicable disease or who are at risk of infections, the University may condition continued attendance, residence or participation in instructional activities or continued admission to assigned workplaces upon receipt of such recommended vaccinations.

Pre-emptive actions taken in reliance on reasonable medical judgment 

In the event that circumstances arise that require immediate action without time for consultation with the public health agency, or in which the public health agency guidance is directed primarily to individuals rather than to institutions, the president and/or his designees may institute temporary measures to restrict students, employees or visitors from participation in institutional activities, including regularly assigned employment responsibilities, if it is determined on the basis of reasonable medical judgment that the individual’s continued participation in those activities poses an unacceptable risk of infectious transmission to others.

  1. For purposes of this section, reasonable medical judgment must be tendered by a physician licensed to practice in the State of Ohio, and
  2. It must be based upon due consideration, given the state of medical knowledge, about
    1. the nature of the risk,
    2. duration of the risk,
    3. the severity of the risk, and
    4. the probabilities the disease will be transmitted and cause substantial harm to a significant number of infected persons.

Persons Displaced by Pre-emptive Response Measures

Where measures undertaken pursuant to this policy prevent students from participating in regularly assigned instructional or extracurricular activities, or employees from reporting to their regularly assigned workplaces, the University will make reasonable efforts to provide alternative means to pursue educational or extracurricular activities or to carry out assigned employment responsibilities.

University Action Following Notification of a Public Health Emergency

In consultation, with appropriate Health Center and public health officials, the President or his designees will develop a treatment and containment of infection plan. The Plan will include:

  1. Outbreak containment measures
  2. Isolation and quarantine recommendations
  3. Treatment of patients and prophylactic treatments of contacts
  4. Necessary immunization of students and staff
  5. A communication plan for keeping the community informed

Health Center Director Responsibilities

The Health Center Director will:

  1. Implement the treatment and containment of infection plan in consultation with the appropriate university personnel and/or public health organizations.
  2. Serve as communication interface with the University community for updated disease information and treatment postings to university websites.
  3. Collaborate with university personnel and county /state health agencies to determine if isolation and/or quarantine are necessary.
  4. Assure compliance of state required documentation for disease notification and case investigation.
  5. Coordinate additional staffing measures and/or extended hours of operation of health services.
    Organize prophylactic treatment and immunization delivery as requested by Butler County Health Department or as deemed necessary by the University.
  6. Assist in developing appropriate protocols or policies to allow affected student(s) and staff to return to campus. Depending on the nature of the outbreak, students or staff may be required to be medically cleared by the Health Center to return to campus or present written documentation from his/her treating physician or primary care provider documenting that the individual is medically cleared (i.e., is no longer infectious to others) and is able to return to school or work as of a specified date.

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  • Assistant Vice President Health Wellness

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  • Ohio Board of Health
  • Center for Disease Controll

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