Appointment Status and Annual Evaluation

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Unclassified Administrative Staff


Appointment Status

Each unclassified administrative staff position at Miami University will be designated as either an “extended appointment eligible” position or “annual appointment” position.

These designations will be determined by the appropriate vice president or a senior administrator of each division of Miami University; these designations will be communicated to the appropriate personnel office whose staff will be charged with including this information in letters of appointment.

The presidency and vice presidencies are annual appointment positions. Other annual UAS positions include those such as athletic director and coaches; those in which it is expected that an individual will stay for no more than five years; those in which an individual is hired to fulfill a specific grant or for a particular project; and positions which are part time or temporary. Normally, such appointments are made annually for a period of one year.

Annual Evaluation

Each member of the UAS is to be evaluated at least once per fiscal year. Prior to undertaking a performance evaluation, the evaluator and the employee should review and, if appropriate, update the position description to accurately describe the job duties the employee is expected to perform.

Performance evaluations are based on meeting established goals and objectives and assessing how an employee is performing in his or her role at the University. The University has identified core competencies that should also be considered in the assessment process. 

An annnual evaluation via an online performance module has been approved for the purpose of evaluating members of the UAS and is accessible on the Human Resources and Academic Personnel websites. Divisions may use the online module for the purpose of evaluating members of the UAS in their respective division.

Copies of updated position descriptions and annual performance evaluations should be forwarded to the appropriate personnel office for review and placed in the employee’s personnel file.

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