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The University Senate delegates its authority in the realm of student social conduct rules and regulations to the Student Life Council, a semi-autonomous governing body, which also has legislative authority in the general realm of nonacademic Student Life. All actions of Student Life Council which have substantial academic content shall be reported to the Executive Committee of University Senate which shall place them on the agenda of the University Senate.

All actions of Student Life Council shall be recorded in its minutes to be sent to the Executive Committee of University Senate which shall be alert to the possibility that some items may be of sufficient University wide import to merit the attention of University Senate under its responsibility to provide recommendations on all matters related to Miami University.

Actions of the Student Life Council which do not have substantial academic content are made directly to the President via the Vice President for Student Life and need not be acted upon by the University Senate, although the President may desire to consult with this or other groups in deciding to approve, modify, or reject actions taken by the Student Life Council.

Matters to be considered by Student Life Council will originate from a number of sources, but it is expected that the Associated Student Government will be an important source of suggestions for action by Student Life Council.

The chair shall be the Vice President for Student Life, who shall serve as an ex officio member, with the Executive Assistant to the Vice President for Student Life as secretary, both without vote.

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ORC 3345.21

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