Tuition Promise Appeals Committee

Scope:  Who is Covered by this Policy?

Undergraduate Students.


Some students will take longer than their guaranteed Cohort period to graduate due to circumstances beyond their control. The Tuition Promise Appeals Committee evaluates and rules on requests for an extension of the student’s guaranteed Cohort period.

The Tuition Promise Appeals Committee is comprised of 3 persons with a Committee member appointed by the Vice-President of each of the following divisions: Enrollment Management and Student Success, Student Affairs and Academic Affairs.

Making a Request for an Extension of the Guaranteed Cohort Period* 

Any student who will take longer than their guaranteed Cohort period to graduate due to circumstances beyond their control may request an extension of their guaranteed Cohort period. Such request must be made no later than the last week of classes in the semester prior to the expiration of the student’s guaranteed Cohort term. (i.e., if the guaranteed Cohort period expires at the end of Spring semester or Summer term, the request must be made before the end of the preceding Fall semester of that academic year).

The request must be made in writing and clearly set forth the basis for the request. The request must specify the circumstances beyond the student’s control, the impact of those circumstances on the student and describe how the student was prevented from completing the student’s undergraduate degree program within the guaranteed Cohort period. All supporting documentation must be submitted with the request.  Requests may be made based on any set of circumstances beyond the student’s control including for example enrollment in a program requiring more than 128 credit hours to graduate, unavailability of required courses to complete the degree, illness or injury, medical leave of absence, a disability requiring a reduced course load as a reasonable accommodation, being the victim of interpersonal violence or other serious crime while enrolled.  Study abroad, changing majors, adding minors or a second major, delayed admission to a program, periods of non-enrollment and disciplinary suspensions will not be considered circumstances beyond the student’s control.

Requests should be submitted to: One Stop
c/o Tuition Appeals Committee
Campus Avenue Building
301 S. Campus Ave.
Oxford, OH 45056

Review of the Request 

Each case will be evaluated on its own merits to determine whether an extension should be granted and if so, the nature and duration of any extension. All determinations by the Tuition Promise Appeals Committee will be in writing, shared with the student making the request and filed with the Division of Enrollment Management and Student Success.


These circumstances will be considered for an extension of the guaranteed Cohort price beyond the four academic  years depending on the validity and impact of the circumstances including:

  • Lack of availability or space in required courses
  • Enrollment in a degree program requiring more than 128 hours to graduate
  • Illness or Injury
  • Disability that necessitates a reduced course load as a reasonable accommodation
  • Medical Leave of Absence
  • Victim of Interpersonal Violence or Crime while enrolled

If the Tuition Promise Appeals Committee determines that the student has provided sufficient documentation of extenuating circumstances that were outside the control of the student and prevented the student from completing the student’s primary program of study during the assigned Cohort period, the Committee will determine the appropriate period of time or number of courses to extend the guaranteed Cohort price.  The payment of tuition will be required.

If the Appeals Committee finds that the student cannot complete the degree program within the four (4) academic years of the student’s Cohort due solely to a lack of available classes or space in classes provided by the University, the University will provide the student with an opportunity to take the necessary course or courses without requiring the payment of tuition.

* Any student called to active duty in the United States Armed Services will be given an automatic extension of their guaranteed Cohort price based upon the number of academic terms impacted by the student’s active duty absence. Students using this exception must notify the Registrar’s Office.


Any student dissatisfied with the decision of the Tuition Appeals Committee may petition the Vice-President for Enrollment Services and Student Success for a review of the decision.

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