Other Benefits for Graduate Award Holders

Scope: Who is Covered by this Policy?

Graduate Students


Full-Time Status 

If graduate students register for at least nine (9) graduate credit hours and are graduate award holders, they are considered to be full-time graduate students. Therefore, this full-time status entitles students to financial aid consideration, Student Health Service including Student Health Insurance Plan consideration, and admission to the unreserved student section at intercollegiate athletic events. Other graduate students who are registered for fewer than nine (9) hours may receive the Health Service and athletic benefits by paying the full-time student rate for the General Fee.

To receive health service and athletic benefits, students must show their student ID card. Student ID cards for full-time students are not identified as such; those for part-time students are marked “part-time.” If a student’s ID card is incorrect, he/she should take it to the University ID Office.

Payroll Deduction

Graduate award holders may authorize the One Stop to deduct charges owed to Miami University, including fees, from their paychecks. They must pay the General fee (reduced), the Registration fee, the Data Network fee, and the Metro fee (reduced) for each semester of enrollment. Students have two options for paying these required fees:

  • Paying the fees from personal funds at the time of registration or billing.
  • Paying the fees through a payroll deduction taken from their first four paychecks of the semester.

Payroll deduction for required fees is available during the Fall and Spring Semesters of the academic year, but not during the summer sessions at the present time.

Students may also have the cost of their health insurance divided by four and deducted automatically from their first four payroll checks. Students interested in using payroll deduction for their health insurance payment should stop in at One Stop to enroll.

Retirement Plan

Graduate award holders and part-time employees of Miami University, are subject to the provisions of the Ohio Public Employees Retirement System (OPERS). Students can be exempted from this option if they are not currently members of OPERS. To claim exemption, students will need to complete and sign a Request for Optional Exemption form. This form is distributed during the Graduate Student Orientation. If students do not complete the exemption form, 10% of their gross pay will automatically be deducted for this retirement system.

If students are currently members of the State Teachers Retirement System of Ohio (STRS) and wish to receive retirement credit for their Miami employment, they may elect to do so by signing up during the Graduate Student Orientation in August. Students may contact the Human Resources at (513) 529-3926 if they did not sign up during the Graduate Student Orientation.

Workers’ Compensation 

If students are injured while carrying out the duties for which they are receiving a stipend, their medical expenses may be paid by The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. If injured and immediate medical attention is not required, students must immediately report the accident to their department chair/director, complete an Employee Injury and Illness Report, and contact Human Resources at (513) 529-4745. If immediate medical attention is necessary, students should seek the medical attention and then follow the above process after the medical attention has been received.

Note: Ohio Unemployment Compensation does not cover graduate award holders.

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