Second Master's Degree

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Graduate Students


With the approval of the department, students who have been admitted to a second master’s degree program may apply a maximum of ten (10) semester credits earned at accredited graduate schools toward the second master’s degree as long as the work is not more than five (5) years old at the projected date of graduation. For credits earned at Miami University, see the Dual Degree Policy. This includes graduate credits earned at Miami University for a graduate degree, if they are appropriate to the program and do not exceed the age restrictions.

If a thesis was presented for the first degree, it may not be used for the second degree. Students can earn a second master’s degree with the same degree title as the first master’s degree, but their coursework for the second degree must be distinctly different from the first degree.

Dual degree program

A dual degree program is defined as a graduate student's pursuit of any two graduate degrees concurrently. A dual degree program can be the concurrent pursuit of a master’s degree and any other graduate degree (master’s, PhD, or a professional doctorate) or a PhD and a professional doctorate. The dual program does not apply to students pursuing a master’s and a PhD in the same graduate program.

Program of Study

Per the dual degree being pursued, students must also abide by all other rules and requirements for doctoral degree programs and/or master's programs. All master’s and doctoral exams must remain unique to their respective program degree requirements and cannot be used as substitutes for the second program.

Credit Hours

Students must satisfy the credit hour requirements for each degree program. A minimum of 50 percent of the hours counted toward the credit hour requirement for each degree must be unique to that degree and cannot be used for dual credit. The Graduate Studies Committee of either program may establish a minimum higher than 50 percent.

Dual degree students who also pursue a certificate program can count any of the credits used for completing the certificate as dual credit toward either major degree program. However, they must still comply with the 50 percent unique credit policy for each degree.

Dual degree students who are pursuing a master’s degree and a PhD degree simultaneously and who have a previous master’s degree that is being counted for 30 hours toward the PhD cannot utilize any dual credits between another master’s and the PhD.

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