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Scope: Graduate Students are covered by this policy.




Assessment is a process of focusing on educational outcomes, assessing how well we are reaching them, and making changes to better serve our students.  As an institution, we collect this information in a number of different ways.  Some is collected by means of surveys or from questions on course evaluations.   Instructors and departments use assessment of student written work and other performances to determine if students are achieving the desired outcomes in the degree program.  In some of your courses (including thesis/comps/dissertation), instructors will collect your work for assessment purposes.  In addition to being evaluated by your course instructor (or committee), this academic work may be viewed by designated Miami University personnel to assess the achievement of broader program goals within Miami University.  Short quotations from your work that do not identify you may be included in assessment reports.  Any work that can be connected with you will not be shared with a public audience nor will it be used for other purposes, such as published research, without your explicit written consent.   Assessment is not used to evaluate your work as an individual student.  Instead, assessment data are used by the university to determine how effective we are at helping students, in general, be successful at reaching learning goals.

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