Undergraduate | Course Repeat & G.P.A. Adjustment

Scope:  Who is Covered by this Policy?

All undergraduates and prospective undergraduate students.


Undergraduate Course Repeat Policy

This policy is intended to enable students who perform poorly in a course to re-take it and gain knowledge without unduly penalizing their academic record and to help improve their grade point average (G.P.A.). When used, the policy allows for a grade to be taken out of the student’s GPA; however, it cannot be applied until the course has been repeated and the final letter grade is on the student’s transcript. The University permits students to apply this policy as long as the following criteria are met:

  1. Courses were taken for the first time during the fall semester 2012 or after.
  2. A grade of C- or lower has been earned one of two attempts of the same course.
  3. Both attempts of the courses were taken for-credit in standard-letter grade mode (A-F) at Miami University.
  4. No attempt of the course has a transcript notation of academic dishonesty 
  5. Student has not been awarded their first bachelor's degree.

All attempts of a given course appear on a student’s academic record with the grade earned; however, when using this policy, only the higher of the two grades for the repeated course will be included in the G.P.A. and the lower grade will include a note that indicates it has been excluded from the G.P.A. If the student earns the same or a lower grade in the repeated course, the earlier grade will remain in the calculation of the student’s G.P.A. while the most recent grade will be excluded. For courses used in the application of this policy, only the higher grade will be calculated in Latin Honors distinction, University Honors, and Departmental Honors; President’s and Dean’s lists will not be recalculated. Students will earn the credit hours only for the instance of the course that is included in the student's G.P.A.

In instances where the department code, course number, course modifier, or cross-listing has changed, the policy can still be used as long as the department/program offering the course can verify that the repeated course is substantially the same as the original course.

Students must submit an application to have the undergraduate course repeat policy applied to their transcript.  Once processed, this action is irrevocable.  This policy can be used a maximum of two times on two distinct/different courses.

Items to note when using this policy:

  1. When a course is repeated, all applicable tuition and required fees apply;
  2. Hours earned in repeated courses count only once toward degree requirements; students who have earned a D- or higher in the first course, and choose to repeat it to use this policy, will be forfeiting those credits.

Students are strongly encouraged to consult with an academic advisor to determine whether repeating a course is advisable. Repeating a course may have an impact on financial aid, insurance, entrance to professional schools, participation in athletics, immigration status, and other matters.

After the student exceeds the parameters of this policy, the following Repeat Policy is in effect:

A student may repeat any course for which no credit has been granted. A student may repeat only once for credit a course in which credit has previously been earned. All grades are counted in the cumulative average, but the credit hours earned in the course will count only once toward graduation. This rule does not apply to those courses designated by a department as being repeatable, nor does it supersede the Auditing Courses section on repetition of credit/no-credit courses. A student may, with the instructor’s permission, audit a course in which hours have previously been received toward graduation (see the section of this policy titled “Auditing Courses”).


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