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Financial Obligations

Scope: Undergraduate Students are covered by this policy.


Financial Obligations


Students are responsible for viewing and paying their eBills. Class registrations are subject to cancellation for any student who fails to clear fees by the published due date. Students are financially responsible for their registration activity. Non-attendance does not constitute a dropped course (see policy “Registration” section “Registration Procedures”). Students who withdraw from the University may be eligible for a refund based upon the refund policy published online at OneStop Refunds.

Services, including the release of all academic records of a student or former student (e.g., diploma and transcripts) and registration for future semesters, may be restricted until any past-due amount owed to the University is paid in full. This includes, but is not limited to, fees, tuition, charges, fines, and loans due to the University.

The University’s collection policy is published online at: OneStop Payment.

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