Student Email Policy

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Undergraduate and Graduate Students


A Miami University-provided email address ( is an official means of communication. Students are responsible for all University communication sent to their Miami email address. It is expected that students check their email account on a frequent and consistent basis. To ensure that students remain current with University-related communications, students are strongly encouraged to check their email at least two times a week. Students are advised to respond to all official University communications as directed in each communication (e.g., responding in person, by surface mail, or by email). Students should not assume an email response is a satisfactory substitution when directed otherwise. Furthermore, students should follow the policy titled “Responsible Use of Computing Resources”.

Students are subject to this email policy beginning at summer orientation, during academic terms for which they are enrolled, during breaks between terms, during University holidays and vacations, and during periods of suspension.

Students may forward their Miami email to another email address (e.g., @Hotmail). However, Miami University is not liable for any problems that may result from forwarding Miami email to another account (e.g., problems with spam filters, full mailboxes, or loss of attachments). Students should understand that forwarding their University email may have the unintended consequence of exposing their privacy information to third parties because Internet email is handled in a public fashion.

Faculty members determine how they will use email in their classes. Faculty may wish to include their email expectations in the course syllabus. The distribution of mass communications is restricted to University departments and offices for University business. External requests for mass communications will not be honored.

As stated in the policy titled “Responsible Use of Computing Resources”, “The University employs various measures to protect the security of its computing resources and users’ accounts. However, users should be aware that the University does not and cannot guarantee such security.”

Furthermore, individuals are advised to exercise caution when sending sensitive or FERPA-protected student information via email. In addition, individuals are reminded that some University information is not appropriate for email communication.

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