Helping Students in Distress

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Undergraduate Students and Graduate Students


Institutional Response Team (IRT)

The Dean of Students chairs the Miami Institutional Response Team (IRT) which responds when there is a concern that a student may pose a risk of substantial harm to the student, others, or to property. The IRT consists of representatives of various campus offices, any one of whom may receive information about a student potentially in distress. The IRT then works collaboratively to collect information about a student and/or situation to determine an appropriate course of action.

While there is a great variety in the ways in which students show distress, the following are common signs:

  1. A student communicates an intention to harm themselves or others through any medium;
  2. Marked and sudden drop in academic performance or class attendance;
  3. Disruptive or atypical behavior including social withdrawal or isolation;
  4. Sudden and marked drop, elevation, or fluctuation in energy level or mood;
  5. Marked changes in physical appearance or hygiene;
  6. Signs of substance abuse;
  7. Presence of marked dysfunction in major life areas including academics, sleeping, eating, health, relationships, etc.

The staff of the Student Counseling Service (513) 529-4634 is available to provide consultation to any member of the Miami community as to how to evaluate and proceed in such situations. Students, faculty or staff who think a student is experiencing significant distress should pass this information on to the office of the Dean of Students (513) 529-1877 or go to the Student Concern Management System website. In an emergency, contact the Miami University Police at 911.

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