Right of Expression of Students

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Undergraduate and Graduate Students 


Right of Expression

The University believes that the right of expression is as necessary as the right of inquiry and that both must be preserved as essential to the pursuit and dissemination of knowledge and truth. Consequently, students, individually and collectively, may express their views through the normal faculty, administrative, and student channels of communication. Students also may express their views by demonstrating peacefully for causes and concepts they support or oppose, and the University will make every reasonable effort to protect that right.

 The University has an equal and simultaneous obligation to protect the rights and freedoms of students who do not choose to participate in a demonstration. Similarly, the University is obligated to protect its property and to prohibit interference with scheduled activities of students, University personnel, and guests on campus. These obligations, however, do not authorize the University to infringe upon the rights of students and student organizations to hold and express disparate beliefs. Miami University supports the right of students to engage in peaceful demonstrations, protests, or other expressions of student attitudes without regard to the cause or the viewpoint being promoted by the student participants.

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Section 3345.21 of the Ohio Revised Code

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Amended July 2018

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  • Student Handbook 5.6
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