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Undergraduate Students


Working while attending college is a time honored tradition at Miami. In a typical academic year approximately 5300 students are employed in designated student employment positions at Miami. We understand that students work for many reasons: financial necessity; to gain work experience and job skills; and to supplement their academic studies. Miami offers a variety of student employment positions designed to accommodate these goals. In order to be eligible for student employment, a student must be enrolled at least six hours per semester during the academic year. A student’s primary commitment is to his or her studies. Thus, students may not work more than 22 hours per week during the academic year. International students may not work more than 20 hours per week.

Student employment positions are available in offices throughout campus including Housing, Dining, Recreation, and Business Services, the Recreational Sports Auxiliaries, Physical Facilities, Community Engagement and Service and various academic and administrative offices. Students must apply online using the PeopleAdmin system. Student employment positions are posted at Employment Positions.

Student employees are one of the University’s most important resources and the University desires to promote a stable, pleasant, and productive work atmosphere for student employees. The Department of Human Resources is responsible for managing the student employment process. Several University offices have also developed student employment manuals which contain guidelines for student employees. These manuals have been designed in the hope that the student employment expectations contained in them will provide answers to many frequently asked questions and will help to avoid many of the concerns and misunderstandings that can occur in the student employment setting. It is not possible to compose a set of student employment guidelines that would cover every single detail of the employer/student employee relationship. The student employment guidelines are, however, designed to provide information on most employment topics. If a specific question is not answered by the guidelines or if a variance from the stated guideline is requested, the student should consult with his or her supervisor (non-student). A reasonable attempt will be made to resolve the question. If that is not possible, the question should be taken to the head of the department in which the student is employed. If no student employment guidelines are available, the student should consult his or her supervisor for guidance.

Change is inevitable in any employment relationship and changes will surely be made to the guidelines offered in the student employment manuals. The guidelines outlined in the manuals are not conditions of employment and may be changed at any time.

It should also be understood that student employment at Miami University is terminable at the will of either the student or the University. This means that the student may quit at any time, with or without notice, and with or without cause. However, students should be aware that quitting without giving their supervisor at least two weeks’ notice (not counting finals week) may result in the supervisor refusing to provide the student with an employment recommendation.

The University may discharge a student employee at any time, with or without notice, and with or without cause. No representative of the University has any authority to make any contrary promise, unless in writing and signed by the President. Students who feel they have been asked to work more than the maximum allowable hours per week or have been discharged unfairly may address their concerns in writing to the Director of Compensation, Employment and Technology, Department of Human Resources.

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