Academic Awards Ceremony

Each spring, the Regional Campuses host an Awards Ceremony that recognizes students, faculty and staff for outstanding service, leadership and academics.

Student Awards

Students are recognized in a variety of categories:

  • College of Liberal Arts & Applied Sciences Departmental Award: Two students are chosen by faculty members from each of the twelve Departments for outstanding academic performance within a specific subject area.
  • W. Lynn Darbyshire Award: Honors a third-year Middletown student who exemplifies outstanding leadership in the areas of student organization, Student Government, student employment, community service and/or campus committee assignment. The Student should have a 3.0 or above GPA; have shown and possess exceptional leadership qualities in the above areas. As well as demonstrated qualities such as dedication, cooperation, selflessness, dependability and responsibility. The student will receive scholarship for the following fall semester.
  • Women's History Month Writing Contest Award: Recognizes student engagement with issues particularly relevant to women through genres such as essays and research writing, and any form of creative writing.
  • International Student Recognition Award: Recognizes one international student on each Regional Campus, who promotes a global perspective of international awareness and understanding by taking initiative to engage in the campus community.
  • Veteran Valiance Award: Acknowledges valiant effort on the part of a veteran or active military student enrolled on campus during the academic year. The recipient of this award must have demonstrated outstanding dedication, compassion and service to their fellow veterans and active military personnel.  
  • University Honors Program: This designation recognizes those students who have successfully completed the University Honors Program.
  • Student Organization of the Year: The student organization of the year award is presented to one organization on the Hamilton campus, and one organization on the Middletown campus, who have gone above and beyond in their mission as an organization. These organizations have brought a positive attitude to their work, brought excitement to student life on campus, encouraged students to get involved, and served as role models to their peers. 

Faculty and Staff Awards

Faculty and Staff are recognized in a variety of categories: 

  • Campus Impact Award: Is awarded to classified and unclassified staff members that have gone above & beyond, as nominated by their peers throughout the year. Winners are chosen on the following criteria:
    • Impact on Students: Assessed by the overall impact on students (quality versus quantity).
    • Impact on Coworkers: Assessed by the enabling of better performance of the coworker's job function.
    • Above & Beyond: Assessed by actions outside of the normal job function.
    • Impact on Morale: Assessed by inspiring and motivating others to do a better job.
  • Student Organization Advisor of the Year: Is presented to one advisor on the Hamilton campus, and one advisor on the Middletown campus, who have brought a positive attitude to their work, brought excitement to student life on campus, encouraged students to get involved, and served as role models to students. Student organization advisors are faculty or staff members who volunteer their time to serve students.
  • Faculty Achievement in Teaching: recognizes creative and innovative teaching that engages students with other learners, causes students to think critically, and promotes understanding of contexts.
  • Faculty Achievement in Scholarship and/or Artistic Distinction: The award recognizes a faculty member who has demonstrated excellence in scholarship or other creative activity, either for continuing levels of high quality scholarship or creative activity, or for a single exceptional achievement.
  • Faculty Achievement in Service: The award honors a faculty member who has made a significant impact on the life and mission of Miami Regionals. The service is recognized to occur in at least two of the areas: institutional service, disciplinary service, professional service, and community engagement.
  • Faculty Achievement in Advising: This award recognizes a Faculty Advisor who has demonstrated a significant commitment to or has exerted a positive and significant influence on the quality of academic advising.