Advisory Council

The CIT Advisory Council is a group of regional business and industry professionals from computing organizations or the computing area of their organization, who meet with the faculty of the Computer & Information Technology (CIT) Department, and sometimes its students, on a regular basis. We usually meet twice each year, once per semester. The Advisory Council acts in an advisory capacity to the faculty in the CIT department at the Hamilton and Middletown campuses.

Some of the objectives of the council and expected contributions of the members are listed below:

  • Maintaining and improving the quality and relevance of the CIT Programs and curricula.
  • Communicating the expectations, opportunities and skills needed in IT business and industry to faculty and students.
  • Supporting the regional campus CIT faculty in recruiting quality students to our programs, and developing work opportunities.
  • Fostering collaboration between the CIT faculty and industry professionals.
  • Other appropriate activities of an advisory nature, as developed by the council and the faculty.

Potential new members are asked to provide a short resume and brief statement describing their interest in the council. The CIT faculty will review the list of potential members and issue invitations to those whose qualifications best support our programs and complement current members.

If you are interested in becoming an Advisory Council member, please send an email to the Interim Chair of CIT, Marianne Murphy at