Transfer Agreements

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Miami’s Department of Commerce (CMR) area has transfer (articulation) agreements with the following institutions for students to continue their studies in a four year business degree program.

Students Transferring to Miami Regionals

Miami University Regionals has the following articulation/transfer agreements with the community colleges below:

Miami Associate Degree Graduates Transferring to Other Schools

All of the institutions listed below grant full credit for your CMR coursework. Please contact an advisor for full details.

Franklin University

Students complete a third year of study at the Miami regional campus and complete their final year of coursework either online or in-person at Franklin University in Columbus, OH. For more information, please contact Bob Morris, Director of Education Alliances at Franklin, or 614-947-6050.

To learn more, Miami Hamilton and Miami Middletown students should visit Franklin University.

Indiana University East

Several programs are available for CMR graduates at Indiana University East for a BS in Business Administration.

  • A Saturday only program at IUE Lawrenceburg
  • An Online program
  • A traditional classroom program at IUE Richmond

Wilmington College

Students finish their final two years by attending the Blue Ash campus of Wilmington College. Classes are available in the evenings and on Saturdays in accelerated and regular formats. Additional information may be obtained by emailing Wilmington College at

Miami University-Wilmington College General Education requirement checklist

Miami University Business Management Technology transfer to Wilmington College checklist