Terra State Community College Associate of Business in Hospitality Business Management

Articulation Agreement

  • Originating Institution: Terra State Community College
  • Degree/Program: Associate of Business in Hospitality Business Management
  • Target Institution and Campus: Miami University Regionals
  • Degree/Program: Bachelor of Science in Commerce

Agreement Last Updated: August 2016

This agreement is designed for students who have completed or are planning to complete the Associate of Applied Business in HospitalityBusiness Management and wish to complete Miami's Bachelor of Science in Commerce.

This document is meant to be a guide only. Your final degree requirements are established when you enter (matriculate) to Miami and are detailed in your Degree Audit Report (DAR) provided by Miami. Work closely with a Miami academic advisor (listed below) to clarify your final requirements.

Students entering this program must meet all Miami University admission requirements available on the Admission website. To graduate with Bachelor of Science in Commerce, Small Business Management, students must also meet Miami's general requirements for graduation. including a minimum of 30 credit hours taken at Miami, 12 of the last 30 credit hours taken at Miami, and a 2.00 cumulative grade point average upon graduation.

Additional steps to take include:

  • Complete the requirements for the  Associate of Business in Hospitality Business Management at Terra State Community College.

Advising Contacts

Originating Institution: advising@terra.edu

Miami University:

Dan Carroll | carroldc@miamioh.edu

Ted Light | lighttb@miamioh.edu

Tuition Information: One Stop for Student Success Services

Program Requirements
Terra State Community Colleges Miami University
HSP 1000 Introduction to Hospitality 2 Not Reviewed
HSP 1050 ServeSafe Alcohol Training 1 Not Reviewed
HSP 1100 Food and Beverage Safety 2 Not Reviewed
HSP 1150 Food and Beverage Operations 3 Not Reviewed
HSP 1300 Lodging Operations 3 Not Reviewed 
HSP 1400 Principles of Food-Beverage and Labor Cost Controls 3 Not Reviewed 
HSP 2100 Food Preparation I 3 Not Reviewed
HSP 2130 Food Preparation II 3 Not Reviewed
HSP 2150 Menu Engineering 3 Not Reviewed
HSP Kitchen Equipment Layout & Design 3 Not Reviewed
HSP 2200 Event Management Not Reviewed
HSP 2980 Cooperative Work Experience Not Reviewed
MGT 220 Customer Service Not Reviewed
General Education and Related Courses General Education and Related Courses
ACC 1100 Financial accounting 4 ACC 221 Intro to financial Accounting 4
DLS 1090 Digital Literacy and Applications 3 CIT 154 Personal Computer Concepts & Apps
EBE 2980 Cooperative Education Seminar 1 EDLT
ECO 2020 Microeconomics 3 ECO 201 Principles of Microeconomics 3
ENG 1050 College Composition I 3 ENG 11 Composition and Rhetoric 3
EGEN First Year Seminar 1 EDL The University and the Student 1
MGT 1250 Leadership Development 3 Not Reviewed
MRT 1010 Marketing 3 MKT 291 Principles of Marketing 3
MTH 2310 College Algebra 3 MTH 104 Precalculus with Algebra 5
SPE 220 Interpersonal Communication 3 STC 136 Interpersonal Communication 3
HUM 1010 Critical Thinking 3 PHL 263 Informal Logic 3
Total=65 Total=277

The following additional coursework will be required to complete the BS in Commerce degree at Miami University:

  • CMR 207 Managerial Planning & Control 3
  • CMR 282 Computer Based Business Analysis 3
  • CMR 302 Financial Info for Managers 3
  • CMR 495 Capstone In Org. Strategy for Commerce
  • CMR 242 Management of Small Business Operations 3
  • CMR 263 Sales & Promotion 3
  • CMR 301 Personal Organizational Skills
  • CMR 361 Marketing for the Small Business
  • CMR 401 Leadership Decision Skills 3
  • CMR 442 Current Issues & Innovation in Small Business 3
  • STA 261 Statistics 4

Total of Additional Technical Courses =34

Completion of Miami Plan and General Electives=29

Total Hours=128