Shawnee State University - Portsmouth, Ohio

Bachelor of Science in Applied Science—Completion Program

Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology

For students entering Fall 2020 and after from Shawnee State University. 

Updated: August 2020

This Bachelor of Science in Applied Science Completion Program is designed for students who have completed an associate degree in Electrical/Electronic, Electrical and Computer, or similarly titled engineering technology programs and for computer information technology or similar programs. Graduates from other Engineering Technology programs will also receive favorable credit transfer. Through this program you can complete your BS degree by completing two-years of additional credit hours beyond your associate degree.

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This articulation is meant to be a guide only. Your final degree requirements are established upon matriculation to Miami and are detailed in your degree audit report (DAR) provided by Miami. Work closely with a Miami advisor (listed below) to clarify final requirements. Students entering this program must meet all Miami University admission requirements available at the Miami Regionals Admission website or in the Miami Bulletin. For students who graduated from high school after 1985, these requirements include a foreign language in high school (two years) or college (one year).  Students who do not meet these requirements at admission will still be admitted but must make up any deficiencies prior to graduating from Miami.

There are four areas of program requirements.  About one-half of these requirements will be met while completing your associate degree. In addition, students must meet the general requirements for graduation from Miami which include a minimum of 30 credit hours taken from Miami and 12 of the last 30 credit hours must be taken from Miami. Students are also required to have a laptop PC computer.

Requirements Summary

  1. Complete your associate degree in Electrical/Electronics, Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology or similar named programs.
  2. Complete the Ohio Transfer 36 at your associate degree institution. This Module is available at then click on your school name. Once complete. have the registrar at your college stamp your transcript: “Ohio Transfer Module Complete”.  Advising for this module is available at your college.  See the registrar or advising office.  (An option to this requirement is to complete the Global Miami Plan requirements and contact Miami advisor listed below.)
  3. Complete general education requirements specified by the Engineering Technology (ENT) *Include in the Ohio Transfer Module.

    General Education Requirements
    From Miami OR from Shawnee State
    ENG 111 Comprehension & Rhetoric (MPF I) (3) ENGL 1101* Discourse & Composition
    ECO 201 Principals of Microeconomics or

    ECO 202 Principals of Macroeconomics (MPF IIC) (3)
    ECON 2201* or ECON 2202*
    STC 135 Intro: Publ Express & Crit Inq or

    STC 136 Intro to Interpersonal Communication (3)
    COMM 1103* Public Speaking
    EGS 215 Workplace Writing or

    ENG 313 Technical Writing (3)
    COMM 1121 Technical Writing or COMM 3306 Professional Writing
    MTH 151 Calculus I (MTH 2) (MPF V) (5) MATH 2110* Calculus I
    MTH 251 Calculus II  (4) MATH 2120* Calculus II
    PHY 161 Physics for Life Sci & Lab I or

    PHY 191 General Physics with Lab I (MPF IVB) (4)
    PHYS 2201* Physics I
    PHY 162 Physics for Life Sci & Lab II or

    PHY 192 General Physics with Lab II (4)
    PHYS 2202* Physics II
    CHM 141 College Chemistry (MPF IVB) (3) and 

    CHM 144 College Chemistry Lab (MPF IVB) (2) 
    CHEM 1121* Principles of Chemistry or CHEM 1141* General Chemistry
    Intercultural Perspectives elective (3)
  4. Complete the Engineering Technology (ENT) core courses listed below. You should have taken some of these in your associate degree program. 
Major Requirements 
From Miami OR from Shawnee State

CSE 163 Introduction to Computer Concepts and
Programming or similar course (3)

ETCO 1115 Computer Programming or ETCO1120 STEM Computer Programming
ENT 192 Circuit Analysis I (3) [OET001 DC Circuits] ETEM 1110 Electrical (DC)
ENT 193 Circuit Analysis II (3) [OET003 AC Circuits] ETEM 1111 Electrical (AC
ENT 196 Electronics (3) [OET005 Electronics] ETEM 1216 Electronics
ENT 271 Mechanics I – Statics (3)  [OET007 Statics] ETCO 2310 Statics and Strength
ENT 293 Digital Systems (3) [OET002 Digital] ETEM 2212 Digital Logic
ENT 294 Local area Networks (3)

ENT 295 Microprocessor Technology I (3) [OET004 Microprocessors]

MTH 222 Introduction to Linear Algebra (MPT) (3)

MTH 245 Differential Equations (MTH 2) (3) MAT0213
STA 301 Applied Statistics (MTH 2)  (3) MTH1500
ENT 301 Dynamics (3)
ENT 302 Signals and Systems  (3)
ENT 303 Digital Signal Processing Tech. (3)   
ENT 311 Process Control Interface Design (3)
ENT 316 Project Management  (3)
ENT 387 Embedded Systems Technology   (3)
ENT 401 Computerized Instrumentation (3)    
ENT 402 Industrial Automation (3)
ENT 403 Wireless Comm. & Networks (3)
ENT 418 Electromechanical Control Sys. (3)
ENT 497 Senior Design I (MPC)   (2)  
ENT 498 Senior Design II (MPC)   (2)

For more information, contact:

Shawnee State University

Brad Teeters, Senior Instructor |740-708-3324


Roger Seifried  513-785-1815

Sarah Wooten, Distance Coordinator | | 513-727-3417

Engineering Technology office  513-785-3132 or 513-727-3241

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