Matthew Smith

Matthew Smith

Visiting Assistant Professor of History/Regional Director of Public Programming

Rentschler Hall 235


  • PHD, Miami University
  • MA, University of Edinburgh
  • BA, University of Stirling

Teaching and Research Interests

  • American religious history
  • Appalachia
  • The Ohio Valley
  • Trans-Atlantic immigration

Courses Recently Taught

  • AMS 205 Intro to Appalachia
  • HST 301 Age of Revolutions, Europe 1750-1850
  • HST 363 Early American Republic, 1783-1815
  • HST 363 Era of the American Revolution
  • HST 197 and 198 World History
  • HST 111 US History

Selected Publications

  • "The Spires Still Point to Heaven: Cincinnati’s Religious Landscape, 1788-1873" (Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 2022).
  • “Pandemic Redux: Revisiting Cincinnati’s 1849 Cholera in the Age of COVID-19,” Origins: Current Events in Historical Perspective (June 2020).
  • “Unburying Daniel Boone,” Kentucky Humanities (Spring 2021).
  • “The Specter of Cholera in Nineteenth Century Cincinnati,” Ohio Valley History (summer 2016).
  • "Barton Warren Stone: Revisiting Revival in the Early Republic," Register of the Kentucky Historical Society, vol. 111, no. 2 (Spring 2013)
  • "John Bradford and the Kentucky Gazette: Revolutionizing the Ohio Valley," Ohio Valley History (summer 2010).

Selected Grants and Awards

  • P.I./ Project Director, “From War Zone to Home: A Humanities Dialogue” (2018-2019). $88,911 NEH grant for student veterans.
  • P.I./ Project Director, "Industrial Strength Bluegrass" (2019-2020). $30,000 in grants, partnering with Smithsonian Folkways on recording album of southwest Ohio bluegrass music.
  • Newberry Consortium Fund Grant, Newberry Library, Chicago. 2008.
  • Graduate Student Fellowship, Kentucky Historical Society, Frankfort, Kentucky. 2008.
  • Filson Fellowship, Filson Historical Society, Louisville, Kentucky. 2008.