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Department of Humanities and Creative Arts

Our department houses the Community Arts and Cultures degree, which can be completed at Miami University Regionals. We also offer courses in a range of humanities and arts disciplines, including Art and Studio Art, Art History, History, Media and Culture, Music, Philosophy, and Theater, with pathways to the Oxford Campus. Our program allows students to pursue an enriched learning environment through active student participation, collaborative experiences with faculty, and scholarly research projects.


Our mission is to provide high-quality instruction and engaged experiences that will lead to careers in the humanities and creative arts. As a department, our goal is to offer a learning environment that encourages active student participation, critical thinking, collaborative scholarly experiences with faculty, and research projects.

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Students in the Department of Humanities and Creative Arts explore and engage with the world’s rich and diverse cultural heritage. Disciplines represented include Studio Art, Art History, Classics, History, Media and Culture, Music, Philosophy, Religion, and Theatre. In each of these disciplines we examine the ways in which the human experience has been documented, enabling students to understand contemporary events in cultural and global contexts and to explore issues that require broader perspectives. You also will gain skills in problem solving, while honing proficiencies in visual, written, and oral communication. Our dynamic, student-centered department strives for collaboration and creative interactions across disciplines, contributing to the principles of a Liberal Arts education.

With a major in the Department of Humanities and Creative Arts, students will improve their ability to think critically, express themselves creatively, and communicate effectively in preparation for such careers as researchers, artists, educators, writers, performers, analysts, entrepreneurs, administrators, etc. Each discipline is closely connected to their departments on the Oxford campus.

What can I do with Community Arts?

A student carving a piece of clay into a sculpture.

Bachelor of Arts in Community Arts and Cultures

A Community Arts and Cultures degree will give you broad exposure to the arts, a specialization in at least one area of creativity, and a focus on community engagement. This degree is perfect for artists and non-artists that are interested in the ways in which art serves communities and cultures. You will gain skills vital to creating, organizing, implementing, and funding arts projects for individuals, community groups, and other organizations.

Minor: 2D Fine Arts

The 2D Fine Arts minor provides studio access and focus to non-majors in the Oxford’s Department of Art. You will learn to creatively solve problems using design concepts, materials, and processes in one or more of the following concentrations: Photography, Printmaking, and Painting.

Minor: History

This minor is an opportunity for you to satisfy your  interest in History, strengthen your degree, and enhance your preparation for a career or further education. You will polish your skills in writing, research, and critical thinking with this minor.

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Department of Humanities and Creative Arts

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