Applied Sociology

This concentration provides preparation for employment in settings such as business and industry, government and non-governmental agencies, nonprofit agencies, human resources, marketing, program evaluation, social research, public policy, community development, and a variety of other applied settings that require an understanding of human culture and behavior informed by sociological concepts, methods and theories.

The internship experience is a central component of the program. Internships and volunteer community service positions offer an excellent opportunity to explore career options and gain practical experience. Some of the internships are paid positions. Students learn a variety of valuable skills through participation in settings where sociological concepts, methods and theories are applied. Data show that sociology students who complete internships find it much easier to find preferred employment later.

Concentration Course Requirements

Take one (1) of the following:

SOC 151 Social Relations (4)
SOC 153 Sociology in a Global Context (3)

Take one (1) of the following:

SOC 201 Social Problems (3)/ SOC 202 Social Deviance (3)

Take one (1) of the following:

APC 363 Advanced Methods in Applied Communication (3)
ATH 411/511* Applied Anthropology (3)
STC 336 Advanced Interpersonal Communication (3)
PSY 221 Social Psychology (3)

Take this course:

SOC 262 Research Methods (3)

Take one (1) of the following:

STC 428 Communication in Conflict Management(3)
STC 436 Intercultural Communication (3)
SOC/WGS/FSW 451 Family Violence(3)

*Denotes courses that are offered primarily or only on the Oxford campus.