Environmental Studies

This concentration provides students with grounding in the fundamentals of plant and animal biology as related to ecology and conservation. This concentration could enhance a student’s ability to work or advance in a variety of settings, including positions in landscaping, public land or park policy, or with companies whose businesses affect the environment such as construction, land development, housing, etc. The Environmental Studies concentration will match up very well with students who already have an associate's degree in horticulture (Cincinnati State). 

Concentration Course Requirements

Take one (1) of the following:

BIO 121 Environmental Biology (3)

BIO 131 Plants, Humanity, and Environment (3)

BIO 176 Ecology of North America (3)

GLG 111 The Dynamic Earth (3)

GLG 121 Environmental Geology (3)

Take one (1) of the following:

BIO 204* Evolution of Plant Biodiversity: Genes to Biosphere (4)

BIO 206 Evolutionary Biology (3)

BIO 209 Fundamentals of Ecology (3)

Take one (1) of the following:

GEO 271 Human Dimensions of Natural Resource Conservation (3)

GLG 307 Water and Society (3)

IES 274* Environment and Sustainability (3)

IES 275* Principles of Environmental Science (3)

GLG 311 Geoenvironmental Field Methods (3)

Take two (2) of the following:

ATH 471 Ecological Anthropology (MPT) (3)

BIO 351 Environmental Education: Focus on Natural History (4)

BIO 467 Conservation Biology (3)

IES 431 Principles and Applications of Environmental Science (3)

*Denotes courses that are offered primarily or only on the Oxford campus.