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Personal Community Health Perspectives

The concentration in Personal and Community Health Perspectives is designed to provide knowledge and skills to individuals who are working or intend to work in health care occupations.

Concentration Course Requirements

Take one (1) of the following:

BIO 181 Medicinal and Therapeutic Plants (3)

DST/ENG 169 Disability Identity (3)

KNH 102 Fundamentals of Nutrition (3)

KNH 188 Physical Activity and Health (3)

MBI 111 Microorganisms and Human Disease (3)

MBI 131 Community Health Perspectives (2) and MBI 123 Experimenting with Microbes (1)

Take three (3) of the following:

STC 231* Small Group Communication (3)

FSW 245 Children and Families: Ages Conception - 12 (3)

KNH 242 Personal Health (3)

MBI 361 Epidemiology (3)

NSG 317 Teaching Strategies in Health Care (3)

NSG 321 U. S. Health Care System and Culture (3)

NSG 380S** Grief & Mourning: Global Perspectives (3)

PHL 375 Medical Ethics (4)

PSY/AAA/BWS 210 Psychology Across Cultures (3)

CMR 224 Medical Terminology (3)

Take one (1) of the following:

STC 436* Intercultural Communication (3)

NSG 435 Challenges in Health Care Delivery (3)

NSG 441 Health and Aging: Current Perspectives and Issues (3)

*STC classes were previously known as COM

**NSG 380 is not offered regularly.