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Understanding Media and Visual Culture

This concentration offers students opportunities to enhance their critical grasp of how the media influences our contemporary culture in multiple arenas, including politics and the economy. A deeper understanding of the interplay between media and culture will enhance the students’ productivity and ability to advance in many professional fields, including sales, fund-raising, politics, advertising and entertainment-related occupations.

Concentration Course Requirements

Take one (1) of the following:

ART 183 Images of America (3)

ART 256 Design, Perception & Audience (3)

MAC 143* Introduction to Media (3)

Take two (2) of the following:

BWS 267 National Cinemas: African Film (3)

ENG/FST 220 Literature and Film (3; maximum 6)

ENG/IMS 224 Digital Writing and Rhetoric: Composing with Words, Images and Sounds (3)

FST 201 Introduction to Film Criticism and History (3)

MAC 212* Media, Representation, and Society (3)

ENG/FST 221 Shakespeare and Film (3)

STC/FST 205 American Film as Communication (3)

Take one (1) of the following:

ART 389 [formerly 480P] The History of Photography (3)

FST/ENG 350 Topics in Film (3)

HST 379 U.S. Consumerism, 1890-Present (3)

MAC 325 Social Media Cultures (3)

Take one (1) of the following:

STC 437* Advocacy in Contemporary America (3)

STC 438*1 Political Communication (3)

MAC 447* Mass Media Criticism (3)

1 Denotes courses that are offered primarily or only on the Oxford campus.

*STC and MAC classes were previously known as COM