Scholarship Information

In addition to the scholarships available to Miami Regional students, the Department of Interdisciplinary and Communication Studies currently offers two scholarships specifically for Integrative Studies majors.

Harry T. Wilks Scholarship in Integrative Studies

Annual distribution of the funds shall be used to support one or more students majoring in Integrative Studies. Eligible students shall have:

  • Successfully completed BIS 201- Introduction to Integrative Studies
  • Submitted a successful Student Educational Objectives Application
  • Demonstrated academic merit and financial need

The BIS Scholarship committee shall meet twice a year (in order to accommodate candidates at different stages of their program) to select the successful scholarship recipients. 

James Paulus Scholarship

Shall be awarded to one or more declared Integrative Studies major, with a preference to a student that demonstrates an interest in Civic Engagement in the greater Hamilton community. Please note, this scholarship is only available to students attending Miami University Hamilton.

Application Process

To be eligible to receive an Integrative Studies scholarship, the applicant must have declared Integrative Studies as their major. The amount of funds awarded for both scholarship may vary over time.

In order to apply for the scholarships, students should review and submit the online scholarship submission. The form contains instructions for completing the application. You will be asked to upload two separate files with your application: a personal essay and your approved SEO. The personal essay should identify any special qualifications/circumstances that you feel would qualify you for a scholarship. More information about this essay can be found on the Scholarship Form. After gathering these materials and completing the online scholarship form, you will receive a confirmation email letting you know that your application has been submitted.

For additional questions concerning Integrative Studies scholarships, contact:

Application Deadline

The deadline for submission of the scholarship application and accompanying materials is April 15 for the following academic year. Students may submit materials prior to the deadline; however, submissions will only be reviewed at the Scholarship Committee meeting each April.