Regionals Nursing Innovation Hub

The nursing program at Miami University Regionals has focused on providing high-quality experiential learning for over 4,200 graduates since 1966. The focus on experience became more student-centered when Miami's Department of Nursing unified the Middletown and Hamilton undergraduate programs in fall 2019. Since then, nursing majors have been able to collaborate, study, and work at one central location, as opposed to three. Today, Miami's entire nursing program is housed within university hall on the Hamilton campus, a one-story facility that previously housed other academic programs in the addition to the nursing program. In order to provide Miami nursing students and faculty with the best possible environment for understanding and adapting to emerging in health care technologies -and accommodate increasing enrollment numbers-, University Hall must be reconfigured to make room for innovation.

Goal and Purpose of University Hall Renovation

Accommodate a Growing Program

  • Build additional faculty/staff offices to house master's degree programs currently in development or planned.
  • Improve classroom and lab spaces to support cohorts of 80 students. 

Create Inspiring Spaces for Collaboration and Learning

  • Develop high-tech simulation spaces.
  • Provide informal student study and amenity spaces.

Building Upgrades

  • Create upgraded interior environment to support student experience.
  • Bring the exterior up to Miami University standards.
  • Provide a street presence for the nursing program visible from University Boulevard.
  • Construct a pedestrian connection to the street.
  • Address deferred maintenance work. 
Classroom in University Hall
Students meeting in the conference room in University Hall.
 Student lounge area with a TV
 Student lounge area with couches
 Nursing simulation classroom
 Nursing simulation room.
Desk with booths for students to study.