Transfer of Nursing Courses

 A student looking down the throat of a sim patient.
A student looking in someones ear.
 A nursing student practicing using an IV
 A nursing student practicing on a patient.
A student checking a patients vitals.
The professor helping a student learn how to take a patients vitals.
A student taking a patients blood pressure.

Students may receive credit for nursing courses taken at an accredited baccalaureate nursing program. Such courses must have a grade of “C” or higher and be comparable in content to courses required for the BSN at Miami. Students must submit a copy of their course syllabi to the Nursing Department upon being considered for transfer. Decisions about transfer of credit for nursing courses will be made on a case by case basis. The Department Chair and/or the Admission, Progression and Graduation committee will evaluate credit that may apply toward the BSN.

However, not all courses transferred will fulfill specific requirements for all nursing courses. When a transfer student has earned credit at a non-regionally accredited institution, the credit will be transferred only if approved by the Registrar in consultation with the Department Chair of Nursing.

Miami University requires that students must earn 32 credit hours from M.U. to receive a degree from Miami. (Refer to the The Miami Student Handbook, Part 1, Chapter 10: 1.10.A.).

Students are required to submit an official transcript for all work passed or failed at any other college or university, prior to or after enrolling at Miami.

It is considered a form of academic dishonesty not to declare these enrollments.