Sinclair Community College Associate of Arts in Psychology

Articulation Agreement

  • Originating Institution: Sinclair Community College
  • Degree/Program: Associate of Arts in Psychology
  • Target Institution and Campus: Miami University Regionals
  • Degree/Program: Bachelor of Arts in Psychological Science

Catalog Year: 2018-19


The Associate of Arts at Sinclair Community College partners well with the Bachelor of Arts in Psychological Science degree at Miami University. The Bachelor of Arts in Psychological Science requires 124 credit hours. At least 30 of those hours must be earned at Miami, including 12 of the final 30 credit hours. The matches below indicate specific courses you may be awarded after successfully completing those courses and transferring to Miami University.

Additional steps to take include:

  • Complete the requirements for the Associate of Arts name at  Sinclair Community College

Advising Contacts

Originating Institution: Name | Email address

Miami University: Camilla McMahon, Assistant Professor of Psychological Science |
Sree Subedi, Chair of the Social and Behavioral Sciences Department |

Tuition Information: One Stop for Student Success Services

Program Requirements
Sinclair Community College Miami University
2 COM Options ---
COM 2206 Interpersonal Communication (3) STC 136 Introduction to Interpersonal Communication
COM 2211 Effective Public Speaking (3) STC 135 Principles of Public Speaking
ENG 1101 English Composition I (3) ENG 111 Composition and Rhetoric (Meets Miami Plan, Area I: English/Oral Communication
ENG 1201 English Composition II (3) ENG 112 Composition and Literature
OTM Natural & Physical Science Elective (6) OTM (Meets Miami Plan, Area V: Natural Sciences)
OTM Arts & Humanities Elective (3) OTM (Meets Miami Plan, Area III: Arts/Humanities)
OTM Social & Behavioral Science Elective (not PSY) (3) OTM (Meets Miami Plan, Area IV: Social Sciences)
OTM Mathematics Elective (3) OTM (Meets Miami Plan, Area II: Mathematics, Statistics, and Formal Logic)
BIS 1120 Introduction to Software Applications (3) CMR 181 Computers and Business
AA Elective (any college-level course) (8) Elective Transfer Credit
SCC 1101 First Year Experience (1) EDL 110 The University and the Student
PSY 1100 General Psychology (3) PSY 111 Introduction to Psychology
PSY 2200 Lifespan Human Development (3) PSY 231 Developmental Psychology
PSY 2217 Abnormal Psychology (3) PSY 242 Abnormal Psychology
PSY 2225 Social Psychology (3) PSY 221 Social Psychology
2 PSY diversity options: ---
PSY 2180 Psychology of Gender Elective Transfer Credit
PSY 1160 African American Psychology Elective Transfer Credit
PSY 2220 Personality Psychology (3) PSY 241 Personality

PSY Elective (3)

PSY 2126 Stress Management Elective Transfer Credit
PSY 2206 Adolescent & Adult Development Elective Transfer Credit
PSY 2235 Behavioral Science Research Methods SOC 262 Research Methods
PSY 2235 Behavioral Science Research Methods
AND PSY 2236 Behavioral Science Statistics
STA 261 Statistics (4) and STA Elective Transfer Credit (2) (Meets Miami Plan Area II: Mathematics, Statistics and Formal Logic
PSY 2270 Psychology Service learning Elective Transfer Credit (Meets Miami Plan, Experiential Learning)
PSY 2205 Child Development PSY 332 Child Development
PSY 2214 Drugs & Behavior Elective Transfer Credit
PSY 2218 Principles of Counseling Elective Transfer Credit
PSY 2228 Industrial Organizational Psychology Elective Transfer Credit
PSY 2242 Education Psychology EDP 201 Human Development and Learning in Social and Educational Contexts
Total= 60 Total=

The following additional coursework will be required to complete the Bachelor of Arts degree at Miami University:

  • PSY 112 Foundational Experiences in Psychology (1) (Meets Miami Plan, Experiental Learning)
  • STA 261 Statistics (requirements may be met by PSY 2235 and PSPY 2236 at Sinclair Community College) (4)
  • PSY 293 Research Design and Analysis in Psychology I (4)
  • PSY 294 Research Design and Analysis in Psychology II (4)
  • PSY 251 Introduction to Biopsychology (3)
  • PSY 271 Cognitive Psychology (3)
  • 300-level PSS course (3)
  • 300-level PSS course (3)
  • 400-level PSS course (3)
  • PSS 401 Capstone: The Multiple Determinants of Behavior (3)
  • Foreign Language 101 (4)
  • Foreign Language 102 (4)
  • Global Perspectives Course (9)*
  • Intercultural Perspectives Course (3)
  • Thematic Sequence Courses (9)*
  • Electives (4)

Total - Additional Technical Courses= 64

Completion of Miami Plan and Free Electives= XX


*This requirement is met if the Ohio Transfer Module (OTM) is complete at the time of transfer. Graduation from the Associate of Arts degree at Sinclair Community College guarantees a completed OTM.