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What courses are offered online?

What courses are offered online?

AMS 183 Images of America

APC 428 Comm. in Conflict Mgt.

ART 181 Concepts In Art

ART 183 HTA Images of America

ART 256 HTA Design, Perception & Audience

ATH 175 HTA Peoples Of The World

ATH 185 HTA Cultural Diversity in the US

BIO 121 HTA Environmental Biology

BWS 156 HWA Introduction to Africa

BWS 336 HTA African Amer Writing 1746-1877

BWS 338 MUA African Amer Writing 1946-Pres

CIT 101S HTA Computing Skills: Spreadsheets

CIT 102A MUA Dreamweaver

CIT 102B MTA Photoshop

CIT 168 IT Tools and Techniques

CIT 201 Advanced Computing Skills

CIT 262 Tech, Ethics & Global Society

CJS 211 Policing in America

CJS 235 Forensic Science Survey

CJS 470P HXA Budgeting & Financial Mgt

CMR 101 HTA Introduction To Accounting I

CMR 105 HTA Introduction to Marketing

CMR 106 HTA Intro to Business&the Economy

CMR 108 MTA Introduction To Business Law

CMR 111 MTA Introduction to Management I

CMR 117 MUA Personal Finance, An Intro.

CMR 181 MUA Computers And Business

CMR 207 HUA Management Planning and Control

CMR 211 HTA Economics for Commerce

CMR 224 HTA Medical Terminology

CMR 242 HTA Mgt-Small Business Operations

CMR 244 HTA Intro to Global Business

CMR 263 MXA Sales and Promotions

CMR 266 HXA Consumer Behavior

CMR 282 MUA Computer-Based Business Anlys

CMR 301 HUA Personal Organizational Skills

CMR 302 HTA Financial Info for Managers

CMR 361 HUA Marketing Small Business

CMR 401 HTA Leadership Decision Skills

CMR 442 MUA Current Issues and Innovation

CMR 495 HUA Strategic Mgt. for Commerce

CSE 151 HTA Computers, Comp Sci & Society

CSE 153 HUA Intro to "C" Programming

CSE 163 HTA Intro-Computer Concepts & Prog

EDP 256 MTA Psy/Learners With Exception

EDT 225 MUA Family, Schools &Communities

EDT 646 VTA Reading&Writing in Cont. Areas

EGS 215 HUA Workplace Writing

ENG 111 MTA Composition and Rhetoric

ENG 112 HTA Composition & Literature

ENG 226 MUA Intro to Creative Writing

ENG 276 MXA American Literature after 1900

ENG 293 HZA Contemporary American Fiction

ENG 313 MTA Technical Writing

ENG 313 MUA Technical Writing

ENG 336 HTA African Amer Writing 1746-1877

ENG 338 MUA African Amer Writing 1946-Pres

FSW 206 HTA Soc Welfare:Impact/Diverse Grp

FSW 225 MUA Family, Schools & Communities

FSW 245 HUA Children & Families Ages 0-12

FSW 261 HTA Diverse Fam Across Life Cycle

FSW 382 MTA Infant&Toddler Caregiving&Supr

FSW 481 HTA Adolescnt Development

GEO 101 HTA Global Forces, Local Diversity

GEO 101 HUA Global Forces, Local Diversity

GLG 141 MTA Geology Of US National Parks

HST 111 MUA Survey Of American History

HST 112 MUA Survey Of American History

HST 121 HTA Western Civilization

HST 122 HUA Western Civilization

HST 197 HUA World History to 1500

HST 198 HUA World History Since 1500

KNH 102 HVA Fundamentals of Nutrition

LST 402 HUA Capstone in Liberal Studies

MAC 143 HUA Introduction to Media

MAC 146 HXA Media Aesthetics

MAC 212 HXA Media Representation

MAC 325 HYA Social Media Cultures

MTH 115 HTA Math for Teachers Grades P-6

MTH 151 HVB Calculus I

NSG 317 HTA Teaching Strategies In Health Care

NSG 441 HUA Hlth & Aging-Current Perspective

PHY 101 MTA Physics & Society

PHY 103 MTA Concepts in Physics Laboratory

PHY 111 MUA Astronomy and Space Physics

PHY 141 MUA Physics In Sports

PSS 211 HTA Career Development

PSY 111 HUA Introduction to Psychology

PSY 112 HUA Foundational Experiences

PSY 251 HTA Introduction To Biopsychology

SOC 153 HTB Sociology in a Global Context

SOC 202 HUA Social Deviance

SOC 203 HUA Sociology Of Gender

SPN 101 HTA Beginner's Course

SPN 102 HUA Beginner's Course

PN 111 H A Intensive Basic Spanish

SPN 201 MTA Second Year Spanish

SPN 202 HUA Second Year Spanish

STA 261 MTA Statistics

STC 136 HWA Intro: Interpersonal Communication

WGS 201 H A Intro to Women's Studies

WGS 201 M A Intro to Women's Studies

WGS 203 HUA Sociology Of Gender

Current Students

Registration is now available for current Miami Regional students.     

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  • Search for summer offerings at all Miami locations—including online courses—at the Course List website.
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  • If the summer term course you selected if full, please join the course waitlist.
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Visiting or Transient Students

You are a Visiting or Transient student if you are currently enrolled in another institution but want to take some courses at Miami University's regional locations.

To apply as a Transient student, do the following:

  • Fill out the transient application.  Submit the $20 Application Fee
  • The applications are processed upon receipt within 24 business hours, students will receive an email with directions on how to apply for their courses.
  • Check to ensure credits transfer with Transferology.
  • If the summer term course you selected if full, please join the course waitlist.

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