A student sitting in class taking notes.
Recent Honors Program graduate Blake Dunbar at commencement.
 A student working in the science lab with a pipet.

The CLAAS Divisional Honors Program is designed to foster critical thinking, cross-disciplinary curiosity, analytical and creative rigor, and community and civic leadership in students from all disciplines. It emphasizes intellectually challenging course work and provides significant opportunities to interact with an academically energetic cohort of highly motivated peers.

Honors students enhance their general education requirements—called the Global Miami Plan for Liberal Education—by engaging in a variety of additional learning experiences that enhance this liberal education curriculum. Students individually tailor their experiences to meet program requirements and that with their interests and goals.

There are no membership fees to join or participate in the CLAAS Divisional Honors Program.

Program Requirements

The CLAAS Divisional Honors Program requires students to complete a combination of seven (7) total seminars and experiences over the course of their undergraduate studies. This includes:

  • Three (3) CLAAS Divisional Honors Program-designated seminars broadly themed around issues of community and/or civic leadership and led by faculty from across a range of disciplines and departments
    • CLA 190 Leadership and Community Dialogues
    • CLA 290 CLAAS Honors Seminar (repeatable for credit based on topic)
  • Three (3) additional Honors experiences. Examples include:
    • CLAAS Divisional Honors course extensions
    • CLAAS Divisional Honors-approved special topics courses
    • Study abroad program
    • Approved CLAAS Divisional Honors experiences (e.g. conference attendance/participation; independent research project; community leadership; etc.)
  • CLA 490 CLAAS Honors Signature Project
    • Culminating research project generally undertaken in the final year of the program

Transcript Notation

Students who complete the program and maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA will earn an Honors notation on their transcript and in the graduation program.