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What's New at TLC?

Chew on This Workshop Series

All Workshops are held from noon-1 pm in Hamilton: REN 104 | Middletown: JHN 7

A Group that Works Together, Succeeds Together

MUM: 3/13, MUH: 3/14

Make a Good Representation of your Presentation

MUM: 3/27, MUH: 3/28

Group Tutoring

Spring Semester 2018 Hamilton Only


1:30-2:30 pm REN 104 MBI 161 HA, HB

3-4 pm MOS 320 BIO 172 HC


1-2 pm REN 104 MBI 161 HC

2-3 pm REN 104 BIO 172 HA, HB

3-4 pm REN 104 BIO 172 HA, HB


Noon-1 pm REN 104 CHM 131 HA, H

ELL Tutoring Schedule

Location: REN 102, Hamilton Campus

Mondays: 2 pm-4 pm Writing Tutor

Tuesdays: 1:05 pm-4:15 pm Writing Tutor

Thursdays: 1:05 pm-4:15 pm Writing Tutor

Fridays: Noon-1 pm Computer Workshop; 1 pm-5 pm Writing Tutor

Drop-In Math Lab

Middletown only

Tuesdays: 10 am-3 pm

Thursdays: 10 am-noon; 1 pm-5 pm

Drop-In Stats Lab

Middletown only

Tuesdays: 10 am-noon

Thursdays: 10 am-noon

Drop-In Chem Tutoring

Hamilton only

Wednesdays: 1:15 pm-4 pm

Student Success Stories

Learn how current student and TLC desk assistant, Abby Baker utilized her time wisely to skip an entire section of Math Emporium to give her more time to concentrate on her other studies.

Abby Baker