Frequently Asked Questions

What is work+?

work+ is a program designed for Miami University Regionals students to obtain an associate or bachelor’s degree while working part-time and getting their tuition paid. Students work approximately 24 hours per week with one of our work+ employers and take classes in a major of their choice. work+ makes it possible for a student to earn a college degree debt-free!

How do students become part of the work+ program?

To be part of the work+ program, a student must be accepted into Miami University Regionals as a full-time student and gain employment with one of the work+ employers. A student must also complete the work+ Student Interest Form, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid and sign a Miami Regionals Work+ Student Agreement.

Can a student major in any subject?

Students can major in any subject for which they are academically qualified; however, students must retain regional student status to participate in the program. View all Regional majors.

Is free or reduced-cost housing available for students who participate in the work+ program?

As a commuter campus, Miami University Regionals is not able to directly offer housing to students. There is currently no housing nor a housing stipend available to work+ students although some preliminary work is being done at the state level. Details and a timeline will be forthcoming.

What is a work+ Student Agreement?

A student must sign a work+ Student Agreement at the start of each semester in order to receive tuition benefits for that semester. Signing a student agreement is a commitment to work with a work+ employer for a year. work+ Student Agreements are signed in cooperation with Miami Regionals work+ staff after all requirements for participation in the program are met.

What qualifications must be met to receive tuition benefits each semester?

  • Have a signed work+ Student Agreement on file prior to the deadline for a given semester (September 16 for fall, February 17 for spring and July 8 for summer).
  • Earn a C- or better in all courses taken.
  • Be an employee in good standing of the work+ employer at the time of tuition reimbursement as defined by the work+ employer.

Is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA required and how often must it be completed?

work+ is a government-sponsored organization, and as such its mission and responsibility is to utilize funding in a responsible manner. In order to subsidize costs and sustain the program, all undergraduate students must complete a current year Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA and all additional procedures required by the Financial Aid office at the institution resulting in an “official” status prior to signing an agreement.

Are graduate studies included in this program?

work+ tuition benefits are limited to undergraduate level coursework at Miami University Regionals.

What campus services are available to me as a work+ student?

As a work+ participant you are encouraged to utilize the campus resources that are offered at Miami University Regionals. These resources can support your overall academic, social and health and wellness success while in the program.

Does work+ provide career assistance?

While in the work+ program, students participate in programs and activities designed to enhance their career and professional development in conjunction with the Office of Career Services and Professional Development (CSPD) that serves all Miami University Regionals students. CSPD services assist students with career exploration, career planning and career placement, and more.

Can I take online classes?

Yes, online classes are often a convenience for working students. Students are strongly encouraged to speak to a work+ Program staff member prior to enrolling in online classes.