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Editorial Style Best Practices

For more information, please visit Miami Brand Editorial Guidelines.

Titles (general)

  • When it stands alone, place the title before the name and capitalize the full title.
    • Associate Professor John Doe.
    • Dean Jane Doe.
  • When used in a sentence, the title always follows the name and is lowercase, unless the title is part of a proper noun.
    • John Doe, professor of Biology, released final grades.
    • Jane Doe, dean of the College of XX, holds open office hours.
    • Jane Doe, associate provost, met with the executive cabinet.

Doctor (title)

Follow AP Style. Do not use "Dr." before the names of faculty who hold other types of doctoral degrees other than a medical degree. If mention of degrees is necessary to establish someone's credentials, it is preferable to use a clarifying phrase:

  • Jane Doe, who holds a doctorate in mathematics, led the research team.

In a list, headline, profile, biography, or standalone reference: Jane Doe, Ph.D.


Do not use quotes. Keep your email professional. A common mistake is to add a favorite quote for the last line. While this is perfectly acceptable for your personal email account, quotations should not be used in your Miami email signatures.

Social Media

  • Use icons instead of text hyperlinks.
  • Be sure to use Miami branded social media buttons to give a more professional-looking match to the rest of your email signature.
  • The social media platforms should be Miami-relevant.
  • Use a maximum of four social media icons to keep the space uncluttered.
  • Avoid modifying the icons.
  • Icons should be sized appropriately — too big and they can overshadow other parts of the signature but too small and they can be barely noticeable.
  • Each icon should be sized equally.
  • Each icon should have uniform spacing. Spacing should always promote accessibility. The icons must not be too close together as this makes them difficult to tap especially for mobile users. However, they shouldn’t be too far from each other that it requires way more effort to click/tap on them.