Three images of plantsinside or near The Conservatory: a cactus, yellow flower growing in prairie area with Monarch butterfly, and cluster of tiny pink flowers with bee.
Outdoor Asclepias pink flower with a black moth sitting on the flowers.
The pond outside of the conservatory with Lilly pads to the left and orange fish swimming to the right.
Green leaf with yellow and orange colors outlining veins.
Interior of The Conservatory looking upwards to sky

Educational Programs

Botanical Studies Spring 2019

The goal of the Botanical Studies series curriculum is to enrich the lives of citizens though botanical study and contemplation. Plants are around our lives daily, from the food we eat, the shade we value in our yards and the beauty in our lives. Come and learn more about the wonderful resource of plants and how plants improve our lives daily.

In this series, students can take individual courses, or all of the courses, by registering for each course independently.

Courses Offered:

Winter Tree Identification

Learn how to identify more than 20 native trees by their twig, bark and other characteristics. Discover pioneer, wildlife and commercial uses for each tree while sharing stories of folklore.

Winter tree identification is a fun, challenging and rewarding activity for life long learners.

Course meets on Mondays, February 4 - 18, 2019 from noon - 1:00 pm in the Conservatory.

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Order of Bloom Study

The arrival of spring is heralded each year by striking displays of flowers and leaves on trees and shrubs. While to the untrained eye it may seem as though the leaves come out at the same time each year in one big burst, there are actually relatively consistent differences among species in leaf-out dates, as well as large differences from year to year in the timing of leaf out.

The study of the timing of leaf out (and other natural annual phenomena) is known as phenology. In this course we will engage in citizen science and track the leaf out of 10 different species over the course of 10 weeks.

Course meets on Fridays, March 8 - May 10, 2019 noon - 1:00 pm in the Conservatory.

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Basic Botanical Drawing

Flowers and botanical subjects are perfect for journaling, card making, and handmade gifts. Drawing and sketching is a powerful tool to build insight and imagination. In this program participants will learn the techniques necessary to use pen-and-ink and colored pencil to create artistic impressions of the natural world. Engage your artistic side and try your hand at this creative, simple art form.

The artistic focus will be on plants growing in the Miami University Hamilton Conservatory and associated formal garden areas.

Participants can expect to produce subjects of small art suitable for framing.

Course meets on Sundays, April 7 - April 28, 2019 1:00 - 3:00 pm in the Conservatory.

Required Materials

Art materials at Renaissance Art Supplies  
218 High St, Hamilton, OH 45011

  • 3 Koi markers @ $7.47
  • 2 Micron pens @ $5.70
  • 3 Prismacolor pencils @ $5.97
  • 1 vinyl zippered case @ $3.99

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