Miami Hamilton sculpture located in the Quad.
 Colorful sculpture in the Middletown Quad.

The Regionals Office of Marketing & Communications is responsible for promoting, protecting, and evaluating the image of Miami University Regionals, the brand, and its strategic mission. It is responsible for campus-wide internal communications and is the campus office designated to contact and communicate with the media.


We have four main marketing and communications goals:

  1. RECRUITMENT & RETENTION – Support the efforts to recruit and retain students.
  2. AWARENESS – Increase awareness of Miami University Regionals and its mission, value proposition, access, and high-quality academics.
  3. REPUTATION & IMAGE – Build upon the Miami University brand in our region, ensuring all marketing and communications are of the highest quality, supporting our reputation.
  4. ENGAGEMENT – Support the efforts of Development, Alumni and External Relations to drive engagement with Miami University Regionals among alumni, state, city, county, and community leaders, and alumni and donors.

With these being our pillars of operation each project proposal request will be evaluated on the basis of how it impacts each priority and current workload. There will be occasions in which other resources will be provided and costs will need to be covered by the requesting department or unit.

To learn how we can help you brand your message, email RegionalsMarketing@MiamiOH.edu or fill out the Project Request Form to start your communications and marketing project.