About ReFUEL

ReFUEL offers one-on-one assistance to connect students who face challenges to their academic success to resources that help address those challenges. No issue is too big -- ReFUEL helps students connect with food, shelter, technology, financial, and health-related resources among many others. ReFUEL also collaborates with campus and community partners to spread awareness of the resources available to students and collaborates with the university in order to identify and address issues of student need.

The ReFUEL student resource center initiative is a program that exists thanks to many different partners. The initiative is hosted out of the Center for Social Impact at Miami University Regionals, Hamilton and Middletown campuses. The Student Resource Center initiative is a part of the Ohio Campus Compact AmeriCorps program. ReFUEL is coordinated by several AmeriCorps members, who serve the Miami Regionals community.

About Our Americorps Members

Devin AndersonDevin Anderson is a current Miami University undergraduate student studying Political Science. He started his position for ReFUEL in the Fall of 2022, whilst pursuing several other internships. As a student himself, he gives highly valued insight of what student needs are and the best possible solution. His mission is solely to provide an easier and tolerable life for students who are at a pivotal point in their lives and does not believe that should be hindered by a lack of appropriate tools.