Faculty FAQs

How will I know if my student has a COVID related accommodation?

You will receive a Faculty Notification Letter stating all accommodations your students are eligible to receive, including any COVID-19 related accommodations. You can also check SAM: Students Accessing Miami Faculty Portal for student accommodations.

What are examples of COVID-19 related accommodations?

COVID-19 accommodations include facial covering exception and remote instruction. Eligibility is based on current University policy and procedure.

Should students who have tested positive for COVID-19 register with SDS?

COVID-19 is typically a short-term temporary illness. Your student should immediately follow the Miami University COVID-19 Reporting Procedures if they are experiencing symptoms or have tested positive. If your student is experiencing long-term and ongoing COVID-19 complications for which reasonable accommodations are needed, they are encouraged to register for services.

Can I require a face covering for students with disabilities or other medical conditions?

Only students who have received an approved Face Covering Exceptions accommodation from SDS will be exempted from wearing masks in classrooms. This accommodation will be included in the student’s Faculty Notification Letter and can also be viewed in your SAM: Students Accessing Miami Faculty Portal.

Physical distancing should be maintained whenever possible for all students, including those without facial covering. SDS can consult with you to develop plans to ensure physical distancing for students with a Facial Covering Exception.

What is a Facial Covering Exceptions accommodation?

Under some circumstances, students may need to be exempted from facial covering requirements due to disability-related and medical reasons. In these instances, students may request a Facial Covering Exception accommodation. Our team will verify the medical necessity for this exception meets ADA requirements. This accommodation will be noted in your Faculty Notification Letter or SAM: Students Accessing Miami Faculty Portal.

What should I put in my syllabus regarding Face Covering Exceptions?

We encourage you to use the following recommended Facial Covering Syllabus Statement:

Facial coverings are required during all class meetings to promote the health and safety of all university members. There may be university approved exceptions to this requirement. Students who cannot wear a facial covering due to medical or disability-related reasons should contact Regionals Student Disability Services at regionalsds@miamioh.edu.

Testing Procedures: Will I still be able to send my student to SDS for test proctoring?

Our testing rooms are very small therefore maintaining safe social distancing and sanitized environments will be extremely difficult. We ask that all of your testing be provided [remotely] through alternative means (Canvas, etc.). We are reserving the testing rooms for any rare exceptions. Please contact Karen Yates - Hamilton or Leslie Omaits - Middletown if you feel you need to have a test proctored in our offices.

What is SDS doing to ensure facial covering accessibility for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students?

SDS will provide transparent face shields to faculty teaching face to face courses for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students who have indicated they need full view of the instructor’s face during classroom instruction. Transparent face shields permit lipreading and view of facial expressions. Shields can also be provided for group interaction.

Where can I find the best practices for remote learning for students with accommodations?

How do I contact the SDS office?

General questions: regionalsds@miamioh.edu
Hamilton: Karen Yates or 513-785-3211
Middletown: Leslie Omaits or 513-727-3321