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What Our Students Say

Hear from past TRIO students.

TRIO has helped me with being on track for my graduation. Before TRIO, I did not know what I wanted to do or major in. I am very grateful first to God that I am going to graduate. And I am so grateful for my coach Melissa Carrion and all the TRIO staff for their amazing support and help.

- Cristaliz Portalatin, 2021 Graduate

The biggest thing that TRIO did for me was just being a great support system for me, especially when I was really struggling with something. I have really built the best relationships with people from TRIO. Everyone is just so kind and helpful and it makes your college experience even better.

- Brittany Stover, 2021 Graduate

After graduation I will be staying in Ohio to complete my bachelors degree and then moving out west to get my graduate degree. My most proud moment was making the Dean's List for the first time during Covid-19. Trio helped me stay on track with upcoming deadlines. Also Melissa has been very helpful giving me advice and helping me get the best experience out of Miami.

- Abby Hockett, 2021 Graduate

My plan for after graduation will be going directly to graduate school to obtain my Masters in Social Work. After that I hope to join a non profit organization that allows me to put my skills to work. My plan is to work with children and families, making sure they have safe environments and be a good advocate for them. The experience that made me most proud during my time at Miami Regionals would be when I was accepted into Miami, especially as a first generation student. Then to go on and be accepted into our graduate program for social work here at Miami. Being in TRIO has helped me succeed in college. The different mentors and people I have met due to TRIO have changed my life. It was amazing being able to be a part of something. My TRIO advisor did more than just mentor me, she pushed me to keep going. She made sure to believe in me even when I didn't believe in myself. People that join TRIO have a safe place, and have people that are truly there for their well being and to help them succeed and keep pushing them to be better.

- Jacey Magee, 2021 Graduate 

After graduation, I plan to search for new job opportunities in the business area, and I could apply my knowledge to have my own business. I am proud of myself because when I started my student journey, I felt lost and insecure because I didn’t know US culture and the English language. Now I can tell that I can communicate better in my daily life and business area. Being in Trio helped me tremendously and I am very grateful with Melissa Carrion for all her guidance and support throughout the years at Miami.

- Rosanna Rosario, 2021 Graduate

After I graduate I am planning on eventually getting a job working with kids. The experience that makes me most proud is being able to work as a Student Ambassador with TRIO because it pushed me out of my comfort zone and gave me experience that I didn't have before working there. Being in TRIO was EXTREMELY helpful! It was an environment that I could go to where I fit in, made new friends, and helped me feel like I belonged somewhere. It helped me feel like I wasn't alone through my college experience because someone was always by my side. TRIO will always be my forever family!

- Alyssa Lainhart, 2021 Graduate

Trio helped give me the confidence and opportunity to succeed in a college setting. To be honest I did not know if I wanted to go to college after High School, however I felt like I had a home in Trio during my first semester of college at the Middletown campus. This was a great feeling and I would not want it any other way.

- Nik Baumlein, 2021 Graduate

Since I am first generation, TRIO has been a splendid guide for me on knowing where to go for help, what to do when you’re stuck, and to even remind you that it’s not the end of the world. There would be some days where I didn’t feel successful at all, and that’s where TRIO would remind me that this is just one of the stages of learning. I have learned so much throughout my college career and was happy to be a part of it way before Covid took over.

- Laurie Franklin, 2021 Graduate

After graduation I plan to start my career. I have recently just accepted a job to be an account manager.TRIO was very helpful for me, because without it I wouldn't have learned a lot of the things I did. TRIO is something I would recommend. I was the first person in my family to go to a four year school, and had no idea about a lot of things. With my weekly meetings with Jamie I was able to ask questions that I had no idea about and she always knew the answer and if she didn't she would get back to me or put me in contact with someone who would be able to help.

- Codie Leisgang, 2021 Graduate

I got my Associates in Arts. I’m also working towards my B.S. in intervention specialists for mild/moderate and moderate/intensive special education. I’ve had a lot of ups and downs, but I’m doing it. TRIO has helped me keep on track and stick to my goals. I hope to work in a low income school someday working with special needs students.

- Aaron Rudokas, 2020 Graduate

TRIO Services has really helped me through the tutoring services and receiving good encouragement and support from my academic coach.

- Carly James, 2020 Graduate


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