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What is Work+?

Work+ is a program designed to benefit partner employers and Miami University Regionals students. Partner employers have vacant and high turnover entry level positions. Miami University Regional students need to meet the financial demands of college.

Program Benefits

Paid Tuition

Once you are hired by one of our partner employers, in exchange for your commitment to work for the company, typically part-time, the employer will pay your tuition bill for the semester. Employer pays for instructional and general fees. Special fees are not covered.

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Weekly Pay

Students in the Work+ program earn above minimum wage. The best part is that your paycheck stays in your pocket AND your tuition is paid.

Valuable Work Experience

While students’ Work+ jobs will likely not directly relate to their chosen major, students will learn valuable life and professional skills that transfer to any career. Prospective future employers will value the dedication and dependability demonstrated by participation in the program.

Flexible Scheduling

Employers will provide a work schedule that is consistent and does not interfere with your responsibilities as a student.

Dedicated Student Support

Miami University Regionals provides students in the Work+ program with workplace and academic coaching, work-school schedule coordination, academic advising and assistance with career and professional development.

Qualifications and Eligibility

Qualifications for Work+

  • Must have good attendance and a strong work ethic
  • Must have good communication skills and the ability to work effectively as a part of a team
  • Must pay close attention to detail 
  • Must regard safety and quality as a top priority

To maintain eligibility

  • Earn grades of C- or better 
  • Perform well on the job 
  • Must work the minimum 20-24 hours per week


Ekaterina Gay
Regional Director Work Plus