Faculty / Staff

In an attempt to ensure an optimal learning environment, this page presents strategies for dealing with disruption within the classroom. We encourage you to reference the principles of Good Teaching Practices, which includes responsibilities of the student and you. These principles can be found in the Miami University Policy and Information Manual, Section 5.1 to 5.4. 

The fact that a disruptive student may have a disability should not inhibit you from acting on the inappropriate behavior. Students with or without identified disabilities are held accountable by Miami University’s Code of Student Conduct.

We encourage faculty and staff not to become ‘co-dependents’ of disruptive behavior in the classroom by ignoring the disruption. Keeping quiet sends an equally powerful message as does addressing the behavior directly.

The Office of Community Standards supports faculty and staff by providing a process to address student behavioral issues as they relate to maintaining an optimal learning environment. A referral to this office will initiate the conduct process detailed in the Code of Student Conduct.

Important Numbers

Many factors may contribute to a student exhibiting disruptive classroom behavior that may require additional responses more appropriately sought from one of the agencies listed below. 

Police Departments

  • 911
  • Miami University Oxford Police - 513-529-2222 
  • Hamilton Police - 513-868-5811 
  • Middletown Police - 513-425-7700 
  • West Chester Police - 513-777-2231 

Student Counseling Services

  • Oxford - 513-529-4634
  • Hamilton - 513-785-3211 
  • Middletown - 513-727-3431

Learning Assistance

  • Rinella Learning Center (Oxford) - 513-529-8741
  • Office of Learning Assistance (Hamilton) - 513-785-3139
  • Office of Learning Assistance (Middletown) - 513-727-0750

Office of Equity and Equal Opportunity

  • 513-529-7157

Student Health Services

  • 513-529-3000

Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion

  • 513-529-6504

Office of Community Standards

  • 513-529-1417

Regional Offices of Student Affairs

  • Hamilton - 513-785-3211
  • Middletown - 513-727-3233

Dean of Students – Oxford

  • 513-529-1877
  • Contact the Dean of Students office for resources and referrals for conflict resolution.