Families, we are glad you are here looking to support your student through the Office of Community Standards process.

Many family members call us to ask what their level of involvement is permitted to be, and the truth is, that decision is mostly between you and your student! As far as official processes are concerned, each student is permitted one advisor and one support person in any meeting or hearing. The role of an advisor is to ensure the student asks all of the questions needed, shares appropriate information, and generally goes through the process appropriately. The advisor may not speak on behalf of a student in any proceeding, but may speak to them if needed. The role of a support person is to be there for moral support. Support persons may sit in on meetings, but may not speak on behalf of the student or advise them throughout the meeting.

The purpose of these regulations is to ensure students are learning to advocate for themselves and address difficult situations. Our process is meant to be educational in nature, but education cannot occur if students are not acting on their own accord.

If you want to speak to the Office of Community Standards about your student’s disciplinary record in any capacity or attend any meetings with them, your student will need to complete a FERPA waiver to waive their right to privacy in reference to their disciplinary record.