This section applies to appeals under the Code of Student Conduct.  For appeals relating to Title IX or Non-Title IX sexual misconduct matters, please see the Sexual Misconduct Protocol for Students.

Following an Administrative hearing or Community Standards Board hearing, the respondent, complainant, or the Office of Community Standards may file a written appeal within five (5) University business days of the written decision by the hearing authority.

Appeals can be submitted to an Appellate Officer for any of the following reasons:

  • Inappropriate sanction.
  • A procedural error in the hearing of the case occurred that is found to be substantial enough to have changed the outcome of the hearing, including failure to objectively evaluate all relevant evidence or error(s) related to determination of relevance.
  • New information exists that was not reasonably available at the time the determination was made that is determined to be substantial enough to have changed the outcome of the hearing.

The parties will receive notification of the outcome of the appeal within ten (10) University business days from when the Appellate Officer hears the appeal. The decision of the Appellate Officer is final.