A conduct hold, or JA hold, is placed on a student account when the following occurs:

  • Imposed sanction(s) deadline was not met after the adjudication of a Code of Student Conduct violation.
  • A student withdrew from the University prior to the adjudication of an alleged Code of Student Conduct violation.
  • A student is suspended or dismissed from the University.

Holds are established to prevent a student from registering for a subsequent semester or changing a current class schedule. Students are able to drop and withdraw from a course(s) with a conduct hold on their account.

All imposed sanctions are provided, in writing, to a student in their outcome letter following their hearing. Students should download a copy of any communications received from the Office of Community Standards for future reference.

If an incomplete sanction(s) is causing the conduct hold on the account, proof of completion for that outstanding sanction must be sent to the Office of Community Standards prior to removing the hold. Please follow all the instructions in the hearing outcome letter for these details.

Proof of sanction(s) completions can be sent to the Community Standards email address, CommunityStandards@MiamiOH.edu, or via the Sanction Completion form. Please note it typically takes up to 72 business hours to process submitted information.

If a student has withdrawn from the University, and a hold is placed after a student registers for classes, the classes will be canceled at the time of notification of withdrawal.

Can Holds Affect Graduation?

All Miami University disciplinary cases against a student must be resolved and sanctions completed before a student is eligible to graduate.

For questions on how to resolve a conduct hold, please contact the Office of Community Standards.