If a hearing is requested as a result of the Procedural Review it will be scheduled by the Office of Community Standards and heard by a hearing officer that was not involved in the investigation process. The hearing is a time for the accused organization to make their case as to why they are not responsible for the charge(s) given and/or why they do not believe the given sanctions are appropriate. Organizations are permitted to have one representative (the president), one advisor, and two support persons if desired. Support persons can be other executive members, national headquarter staff, additional advisors, or anyone deemed to serve in a supporting role to the organization.

The hearing occurs in one sitting, but has two phases. The first phase is the responsibility phase, where the organization can present their case, call in witnesses, and be questioned about the facts of the allegations. If the organization is found responsible for one or more of the charges, then the second phase begins. This phase focuses on the goals of the organization, what safety measures are currently in place, the disciplinary history of the organization, and what sanctions are appropriate. A determination of outcome and sanction is not always made on the same day as the hearing, but it is the goal of the Office of Community Standards to get a timely response to the organization leadership.