Although some reports received by the Office of Community Standards contain enough evidence to proceed without an investigation, most organizations involved in the Community Standards process go through an investigation. Investigations occur when additional information is needed after an organization has been reported for potentially violating the Code of Student Conduct. Reports that lead to an investigation can come from a variety of places, including Oxford Police Department, Miami University Police Department, Residence Life, current or past organization members, faculty or staff, community members, or bystanders.

Once a report is received by the Office of Community Standards, the office determines who should be interviewed in the investigation. Sometimes, this group includes entire new member classes or organizations, and other times it only includes a few members. This is determined by the nature of the report submitted. Community Standards will then send the necessary parties an invitation to come in to speak with an investigator. The purpose of this interview is to gather more information about the reported incident. While students do not always know why they are being interviewed prior to their meeting, it is important to come prepared to share the truth in response to whatever questions you are asked.

After an investigation concludes, the Office of Community Standards produces an Investigation Report that is shared with organization presidents, advisor(s), Student Activities, and any other governing body. Examples of other governing bodies include athletics, national headquarters, or related academic units. This report will include information gathered through the investigation process, and will make a determination as to whether or not reasonable cause exists to believe the Code of Student Conduct may have been violated. If the investigator determines that reasonable cause exists, the hearing process will begin. If the investigator determines that reasonable cause does not exist, the process ends and no charges are brought forth.