Role of President

If you are the president of your organization, it is important to understand the role you play during the Community Standards process. To put it simply, you are the face of your organization during this process. You make decisions on their behaIf, represent them if a hearing occurs, and are the main liaison between the Office of Community Standards and your members.

If an investigation occurs, you will typically receive a Notice of Investigation addressing the general behavior reported. Then, just like other members, you will be interviewed as a part of the investigation process. However, your role as president does not necessarily mean you will be privy to information regarding specific allegations before other members of your organization that are asked to participate in the investigation. This is not because the Office of Community Standards wants to keep you in the dark, but rather because we want to ensure information being shared is protected appropriately, given that it is often of a sensitive nature. It is always the intention of the Office of Community Standards to be open to candid with organization presidents, and throughout the process it is the goal of the office to share as much information with you as possible.

The Office of Community Standards recognizes the difficulty that comes along with being an organization president. Please know throughout the process, the office can serve as a resource and support, despite the role as investigators and adjudicators. The intention of Community Standards is to build an open and honest relationship with you throughout the process so we everyone can work together to ensure the safety and security of the students in your organization.