Invasive Species

Many hikers, birdwatchers, and others using the Miami University Natural Areas for recreation recognize and are concerned by the ever increasing presence of non-native, invasive plant species such as garlic mustard, Amur honeysuckle, lesser celandine, and the highly toxic poison hemlock.

The Natural Areas staff, sometimes assisted by volunteers, have been taking some actions to control these, including hand pulling of individual garlic mustard, honeysuckle and poison hemlock plants, cutting and treating stumps of honeysuckle in targeted areas, as well as limited spraying of some plant populations. We recognize that we will need to increase these actions in the future, as the non-native plant populations are increasing at a much faster rate than our control actions are affecting them. As deer management becomes effective so that native species will be able to repopulate areas cleared of invasives, these control actions will become more important.