Frequently Asked Questions

About the Orientation Program 

What are the orientation dates for new first-year students? What is the orientation schedule?

There are 18 one-and-a-half day orientation sessions between May 24-June 29, 2023.  You can view the 18 date options and the orientation schedule outline on the orientation dates and schedule page.

Am I required to attend orientation?

Yes! All new first-year students are required to attend an in-person orientation program and complete the orientation process in full.

Is there a virtual orientation option?

No; there is not currently a virtual orientation program option available. On-campus orientation programs offer a robust opportunity for students and their families to consider the academic and social transition to college, meet with an academic advisor and student leaders, and meet other new students.

What is the cost of orientation?

While the orientation program does not have a program fee for students or family members, there are some costs associated with the orientation program:

  • Meal cards: We want to make your orientation experience enjoyable and hassle-free, and because orientation programming extends over meals (lunch and dinner on Day 1 and breakfast on Day 2), we include a meal card for each student/guest at orientation that is charged to your student bill for the fall semester. Orientation meal cards are pre-loaded with a $40 declining balance, and can be used for meals and snacks. Any unused balance on student or guest meal cards can be spent at campus dining locations through the end of the fall semester; meal card balances can be obtained from a cashier at any campus dining location. No refunds will be issued for lost or unused meal cards. Meal cards will be distributed at orientation check-in.
  • On-campus housing: Students and families who choose to stay on campus in a residence hall will be charged per night, per room for a double occupancy residence hall room. The housing cost is due at the time of booking. Learn more about housing on the housing and meals page.

I cannot attend an orientation session between May and June. What should I do?

You are strongly encouraged to attend an orientation program between May 24-June 29, 2023. There will be one orientation session on August 23-24, 2023 offered for students who absolutely cannot make one of the 18 sessions in May and June. Should you be unable to attend, please email so we can put your name down for the August orientation session.

Do I need to do anything ahead of attending my orientation program?

Yes! Students are required to complete part 1 of the orientation Canvas course (available May 8); plan for part 1 of the orientation Canvas course to take approximately 90 minutes to complete. Failure to complete part 1 of the orientation Canvas course before attending your orientation will negatively impact the course registration option.

If applicable, you will also need to complete the math and foreign language placement tests. 

How can students and families contact Orientation and Transition Programs?



Phone: 513-529-9771

Registering for Orientation 

How do I register for orientation?

Login to the orientation registration system to select an orientation date. You will need to use your Miami UniqueID and password to login.

Register for Orientation

When does orientation registration open? Should I register for orientation right away?

Orientation registration opens on Thursday, March 16, 2023 at 1 p.m. Eastern time. You are encouraged to register for orientation as soon as possible after you confirm your admission to Miami. Orientation programs fill up on a first-come, first-served basis and do fill up. Orientation programs do not have waiting lists, so new students should register early and be as flexible as possible with their availability.

Register for Orientation

Can I register for orientation as soon as I confirm my admission?

After you confirm your admission and pay the confirmation fee, it generally takes 24-48 hours for your Miami University account to activate. Once you receive an email with the subject line with the subject line Your Next Steps With Miami, you should be able to register for an orientation session.

Register for Orientation

What information will I be asked to provide on the orientation registration form?

On the orientation registration form, students will:

  • Confirm your area of study (or have the opportunity to make a change)
  • Select an orientation program date, provide a cell phone number, note AP/IB/college credits
  • Provide the names, email addresses, and phone numbers of guests who will attend orientation with the student

My friend/sibling/roommate said that there is space left in the session I want to go to. Why don’t I see it as an option for me?

Orientation program availability is dependent on each student's area of study. There is availability for every major in each orientation session. Once the spots for a certain major are taken for a session, that session closes for others with that major. It is important to us that you meet with an advisor that makes sense to guide you in your chosen major or area of study.

Can I change my orientation registration information after I submit it the first time (e.g. add/delete a guest, change my major, add in college credit I anticipate)?

Yes! You may edit your orientation registration form until one week prior to your orientation session.

I’m having trouble logging in to my Miami email account (or any Miami system). What should I do?

If you’ve tried logging into Miami systems using your UniqueID and MUnet password (details in your email from with the subject line Your Next Steps With Miami) and you’re still having trouble, contact IT Services by phone (513-529-7900) or chat ( for assistance. 

What is my UniqueID?

Your UniqueID is the first part of your Miami email address. It can be found in the email you received just after confirming your admission with the subject line Your next steps with Miami. If you've not yet logged in to a Miami University resource, your default password is the month and day of your birth and the last four digits of your social security number (SSN). If you did not provide an SSN, use the last four digits of your Banner ID number, located on your acceptance letter.

Where can I find a copy of my orientation confirmation email?

Orientation confirmation emails are sent to your Miami student email account. To log in, visit and use your Miami UniqueID and password. Then, click the Miami Email icon to access your inbox. A copy of the confirmation email is also sent to any guests registered for the orientation program.

Housing and Meals

Am I automatically registered for orientation housing when I register for orientation?

No. The orientation registration and housing registration systems are separate. Orientation is required for new students, but staying in an orientation residence hall is not required. More information can be found on the plan your visit page.

Do I have to/can I stay in a residence hall on campus? Can family members also stay on campus?

Staying on campus is not required, although staying overnight in the residence halls at orientation is a helpful experience that supports students' transitions to on-campus living in the fall. We estimate about 40% of students stay on campus versus another option. Both students and family members may choose to stay overnight in campus residence halls.

Residence Hall Room Fee: The orientation residence hall room fee will be announced soon. Learn more about accommodation options on the plan your visit page.

How do I reserve a residence hall room for orientation?

  1. Visit the orientation reservation system website.
  2. Create an account (used only for orientation housing) by providing your name, email, and a password. 
  3. Complete the orientation housing reservation form. 
  4. Provide payment for your reservation.

Can I have a roommate for orientation?

Yes; if you coordinate with someone else to do so. Orientation housing reservations function much like a hotel reservation might. The person who reserves the room purchases the room and can coordinate a roommate if they would like (e.g. family member, another student).

If I reserve an residence hall room for myself, is there any chance another person would be placed as a roommate without my knowledge?

No. We will not pair any roommates in residence hall rooms. When you reserve an orientation housing room, you are purchasing the room in full and may choose to coordinate a roommate on your own should you wish to do so.

Can I book multiple nights in orientation housing?

Yes! Just like you would make a hotel reservation, you will use the housing reservation system to book the number of nights you need.

Can I book multiple orientation housing rooms?

Yes! Just like you would make a hotel reservation, you may book the number of rooms you need, recognizing that each room contains two twin-XL beds and will not accommodate more people than that.

Orientation for Family Members

Are students encouraged to bring guests to the orientation program? Do most students bring a guest?

Yes! More than 95% of students attend orientation with at least one guest. Students are encouraged to attend orientation with a parent or family member, although it is not required to do so. Note that students and families do have separate orientation programs at times. While we recognize that siblings or young children may need to attend orientation due to childcare needs, please note that family sessions are not designed for younger children.

Are there separate orientation sessions for parents/families?

Yes! Students and family members will spend about half of the program together; the other half of the program will have student only and family only sessions.

Academic Advising and Registration

Will students who attend a later orientation session have a hard time finding classes they need? How will spots be released for class registration?

One common misperception is that students who attend later orientation sessions will have significant difficulty registering for classes. In reality, seats in the most common first-year courses are released for each orientation program, so students who attend later sessions are not at a disadvantage. Every student will leave orientation with a full schedule of classes that will help you on your way to timely degree completion.

Can I change my major when registering for orientation?

Yes! On the first page of the orientation registration form, you can confirm or change your major. Alternatively, you may change your major when completing the orientation Canvas course. Changes of major must occur at least one week ahead of your orientation session in order for your advisor to be best prepared to support you.

Will I have an academic advising appointment while at orientation?

Academic advising and registration at orientation takes place in small group sessions, rather than one-on-one. During orientation, you will have the following academic sessions:

  • Academic college meeting (large group).
  • Academic advising workshop with an academic advisor (small group; families included).
  • Course registration with an academic advising (small group, students only)

Do I need to take the math placement test?

Miami uses ACT or SAT math subscores to determine course placement in a number of academic areas (e.g. chemistry, computer science & software engineering, information systems & analytics, mathematics, physics, and statistics). You will receive an individualized email in April 2023 (or after you confirm your admission) with directions for math placement testing.

Do I need to take a foreign language placement test?

You are required to study a foreign language if: your major is in the College of Arts & Science, you are majoring in Teacher Education with a foreign language emphasis, or you have a major in the College of Creative Arts that requires a foreign language. If you are planning (or required) to study a foreign language, you should take a placement test in every language you've previously studied - even if you are considering starting a new language.