Talking about alcohol

The Parents Council has teamed up with the Dean of Students Office and Student Wellness in a commitment to produce these short videos on alcohol for you.

Be proactive: Talk to your student about alcohol

Talking to your student about your expectations in regards to their behavior makes a big difference. Research suggests that discussions just prior to starting college lead to lower alcohol consumption during the first year AND lowers the risk of experiencing alcohol-related consequences. Some tips for talking to your student include:

  • Setting clear expectations about alcohol use
  • Discussing consequences for alcohol use; social, legal, and the consequences you will impose
  • Stress the importance of sticking together with friends, those that go to the party come home from the party
  • Identify who will they call if they or their friend needs help
  • Avoid tales of drinking exploits from your own college years

Discuss with your student the difference between perceived alcohol use versus actual use. Students often think that other students use alcohol much more than they actually do. When students understand that “not everybody drinks” and “not everyone drinks a lot”, it can be easier and less difficult to make legal, low risk choices.


College Parents of America- Eight Points for Parents Speaking with Students about Alcohol

Please visit the Alcohol Information, Resources and Initiatives webpage for more information about this issue.