Apply to be a Resident Assistant at Miami University

We are excited that you are considering applying to be a Resident Assistant (RA)! These positions are some of the most important, influential and rewarding leadership opportunities available to students.

The decision to become a Resident Assistant is not one that should be made lightly. It is a demanding, challenging and rewarding position. The Resident Assistant position is an opportunity for you to make your mark as a leader, ally and role model for students at Miami University, and build your leadership skills. As a department, we have high expectations for our Resident Assistants. Please consider your commitment carefully as you begin this process. In order to fulfill the expectations and responsibilities listed in this application, you must recognize that this position should be your primary out-of-class obligation. Please read every section of these web pages before you begin your application.

About the Application


The application is run through the University’s PageUp application system. There will be an opportunity for you to provide basic biographical information, work history, essays, optionally upload your resume, and provide the names of 2-3 references. Once your application is submitted, your references will receive an email to complete a reference form. Applicants who are considered for placement will be subject to a background check.


The Resident Assistant Application requires at least two references and and collect up to three. Ideally, at least one of the references is from someone that currently or has previously worked in Residence Life, at Miami or elsewhere, but this is not a requirement. References may not be a member of the applicant's family. Upon submitting your application your listed references will receive an email that includes a link. The references should follow this link to fill out a reference form for you. This must be completed by your application's due date! Failure to have references submitted may result in an incomplete application. If you have an incomplete application you may be ineligible to proceed to interviews. It is suggested you make contact with your references prior to submitting their information in your application.

Residential Communities

As you know, students who live in the residence halls at Miami are part of Living Learning Communities (LLCs). Living Learning Communities are built around common interests and have an academic component associated with them. All students in our residential communities are served by our Pillars of Success, which guides our hall teams with active programs, bulletin boards, and intentional one on one conversations.

Housing Contract

  • If you are selected to be a Resident Assistant, you will sign a contract for housing in your RA room.
  • If you sign a contract for on-campus housing before you are selected as an RA, and if you do not get a position as an RA, you will not be released from a previously-signed housing contract.
  • If you sign a contract to live on campus prior to being placed as an RA, then leave the RA position for any reason, you will still be obligated to the original housing contract which you signed.
  • Resident Assistants are expected to pay their housing fees in full on the same timeline as other residential students.


Interviews will consist of two formal individual interviews with a residence life professional staff member and at least one other person, typically either an RA or another professional staff member, and another interview activity.

Dress for interviews is business casual.

Studying Abroad

If you are studying abroad while interviews are being conducted, you should still apply. You may be contacted via e-mail to set up a phone or video interview while you are away. Preference is given to applicants who can serve the entire term of service.


Throughout the application process, the Office of Residence Life will be in contact with you via your university email account. It is vital that you check your email frequently and reply to messages you receive regarding the Resident Assistant selection process. Should you have any questions, please contact Joe Hawkins at or 513-529-3295.